Burn a photo slideshow onto DVD

3.1 Burn a photo slideshow onto DVD

Switch to "Burn Disc" Tab. To make a slideshow DVD, you should have DVD recorder installed on your computer. With DVD Photo Slideshow, you can burn your photos to slideshow DVD/ VCD/SVCD. The software supports DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW and CD-R/RW disks.

Click "Output Format" drop-down list and choose "DVD Video Disc" "VCD 2.0 Still Images Disc" or "SVCD Video Disc". Choose your DVD/CD recorder from "DVD/CD Recorder" drop-down list. Set parameters, including "DVD/CD File System","TV System" and "DVD/CD Recorder Options"

make photo slideshow dvd

After that, insert your DVD/CD into your computer disk drive, and click "Burn Now" to begin burning the slideshow to DVD/CD. You can see the burning process in the pop-up "Burning Photo Album" window.

dvd slideshow burning process