Select a menu for DVD slideshow

2 Choose a DVD Menu for a Slideshow DVD

Switch to "Choose Menus" tab, here you can select a DVD menu and customize it with background music, background image, and more.

2.1 Choose a DVD menu template

With over 90 kinds of menu templates, including Wedding, Christmas, Children, Sports, Thanksgiving Day and others, it can surely help you find the DVD menus you like. Accounding to different slideshow types, you can use suitable menus. If you want to make a wedding slideshow DVD, a wedding menus can be a better choice.

choose dvd menu for slideshow

2.2 Customize a DVD menu.

DVD Photo Slideshow also enables you to choose your own image as background photo and to add songs as DVD menu background music. Click "Add" under "Background Music" sub-tab to import music from your computer, or click "Import From Audio CD" to add music from CD. In the "DVD menu duration" area, you can set DVD menu showing time.

add dvd menu background music

Click "Edit" sub-tab to edit a choosed menu template. In the "Vidibility" area, check the options to control the vidibility of Menu Title, Album Title, Album thumbnail, Album index and page index. Double-click the menu title first, then you can change the menu title and the text font, size and color.

edit dvd menu

Click "Menu Navigator" sub-tab to set DVD menu navigation. In the "DVD Menu Navigation" area, you can set the slideshow DVD playing mode. If you want to make a looping slideshow DVD, choose "Play current album repeatedly".

set slideshow dvd menu navigation