Choose transitions and add music for a slideshow

1.2 Choose Transitions and Add Background Music

Click sub-tab "Transition& Music" under "Organize Photos" tab.

1.2.1 Choose transitions for slides

DVD Photo Slideshow provides over 300 transition effects for choosing. The slideshow software can apply random transitions between photos. However you can change transitions with ones you like. Click the transition thumbnails, you can preview the transitions effects. Double-click the thumbnails to apply them.

choose transitions and add music for slideshow

In the right "Album Setting" space, you can set transition duration and photo duration for the whole slideshow. Also you can set transition and photo showing duration for every slides,double-click the transition icons between photo list at the bottom of screen, you can set transition time and slide time for each photo. This feature will help much if you hope some slides show longer than others.

1.2.2 Add Slideshow Background Music .

There are three ways to add background music for a slideshow. Way1. Click "Add" to import songs from your computer. Way2. Click "Ripper" to import music from Audio CD. Way3. Click "Record" to record sond using your microphone and use it as background music.

You can add more than one songs as background music. The "up" and "down" icon enables you to adjust songs order. If you want to trim music, please click "Trim " icon to set the start and end point of the trimming.

create slideshow with music

1.2.3 Sync Slideshow time with Music time.

To make slides and music play in pace, you could use synchronization option to sync slideshow time with music time. This option will automatically adjust photo duration to make the slideshow time the same with music time.

slideshow time and music time synchronization