Choose a theme for slideshow

1.3 Choose Album Theme for A Slideshow

Click sub-tab "Album Theme" under "Organize Photos" tab.

1.3.1 Choose A Slideshow Theme

There are kinds of beautiful themes, such as Wedding themes, Christmas themes, Birthday themes, Graduation themes. For different slideshows, you can choose corresponding themes. A Slideshow theme can not only makes your slideshow more attractive, but can explain the special meaning of a slideshow.

choose theme for slideshow

1.3.2 Add Titles And Credits.

This feature enables you to add a title at the beginning of a slideshow and credits in the end. After entering the title and credit, you can choose effects for them. Also you can set the font size and color, title and credit showing duration. Click the "Preview" icon to preview the effects of titles and credits.

add title and credit for slideshow