Transfer a slideshow to PC from iPad

8.5 Upload an iPad slideshow to PC wirelessly

With Photo Slideshow Director HD, you can create your own video slideshows from pictures with music, transitions, pan / zoom effects, text, subtitle and other effects. The slideshow software's built-in WiFi transfer feature enables you move slideshow videos from iPad to computer easily.

1.Tap Export icon and choose Photo Library to save the slideshow to iPad Camera Roll first. You have to save the slideshow to Camera Roll before using the WiFi transfer feature.

2. After the slideshow is saved to Camera Roll successfully, tap Export icon and choose Wifi Transfer from Share Movie to list. Then the Wifi Transer window will show up, with guides and an URL address.

wifi transfer slideshow

3. Type the URL into the browser on your computer, you will see the slideshow listed. Click the slideshow name to download it.

download ipad slideshow to pc