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Top love songs for Valentines slideshow

Valentines’ Day is approaching. So what are some popular love songs that you can use in a Valentines photo slideshow? Also you may need some love songs to celebrate with him/her  at that special day.

App to create a Valentines slideshow with love songs

Download iPad Slideshow App to Create a touching Valentines ‘ Slideshow

lovers picture

It sounds romantic to create a Valentines slideshow with  photos that taken from you know each other to now. Add texts and subtitles to deliver your deep love to her/him. And to a slideshow, one of the most important factor is music. After digging, I list the most popular love songs for Valentines slideshow below.

Regarding  a slideshow software to make a Valentines slideshow, you can choose one according to your devices. Click to find a suitable slideshow maker>>

Love songs for Valentines’ slideshow list

1. Take me to your heart – Michael Learns

2. Truly Madly Deeply – Savage Garden

3.  My Heart Will Go On – Céline Dion

4. You are in my heart – Phil Collins

5. My Girl – The Temptations

6.The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face – Roberta Flack

7. More than I can say – Lea Sayer

8. Sweet Love – Van Morrison

9. You are the love of my life – George Benson

10. A Moment Like This – Kelly Clarkson

11. Just Can’t Stop Loving You – Michael Jackson

12. I’ll Make Love to You – Boyz II Men

13.  I need you – Beatles

14. Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love for You – Glenn Mendioris

15. We Belong Together – Mariah Carey

16. Love Story – Taylor Swift

17. All I Have To Do Is Dream – Everly Brothers

18.Can You Feel the Love Tonight – The Lion King 

19.  Love song – Adele

20. I Will Always Love You – Whitney Houston

21. Baby – Justin Bieber

22. Always and Forever – Heatwave

23. Love Me Tender  – Elvis Presley

24. (Everything I do )I do it for you – Bryan Adams

25. Love Is Sweeping the Country  – Ella Fitzgerald

Happy Valentines’ Day!

How to watch iPad picture slideshow on TV via Airplay

Airplay lets you wirelessly show off your iPad photos on TV. However you can do more than just playing still photos. You can view your photos on TV with music, transitions and other effects, which will attract people’s attention  and interest. You can take advantage of Photo Slideshow Director HD‘s airplay feature to stream your photos from iPad to TV in slideshow.

Create a slideshow from digital photos on iPad and stream it to TV over WiFi

1. Before streaming photos to TV from iPad , you can use Photo Slideshow Director HD to turn your photos into a slideshow first. Import your photos to the app from iPad Photo Library, add songs as background music, apply dynamic  transitions, customize the pan&zoom effects, sync slideshow to music, set slides and transitions time, and etc.

2. Set iPad and Apple TV  in the same Wi-Fi network.

Note: To use Airplay, Apple TV and iPad should both run iOS5 or latter. That means it does not work on iPad1 and Apple TV1.

3. Double press your iPad home button, then you can see all the apps you are running at the bottom of your iPad screen. Swipe the app-switching tray from left to right till you see a volume slider and the  AirPlay icon.

turn on ipad airplay feature

Turn on iPad Airplay

4.  Touch Airplay icon and check “Apple TV” and toggle the Mirroring switch to On.

5. Go back to Photo Slideshow Director HD screen, touch “Export” and choose HDTV / AirPlay.

watch ipad photos on tv in slideshow

Choose HDTV/Airplay

6.  Finally, touch Play icon to play the photo slideshow.  Touch the Full Screen icon to watch your photos on TV in full screen.

stream ipad photos to tv

Watch photo slideshow on TV

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How to make a YouTube slideshow video on Mac and upload it to YouTube

Are you struggling how to make a YouTube video on Mac computer? People may say: “I have Windows Movie Maker on my Windows computer and Photo Slideshow Director HD on my iPad, they both can help me create a successful YouTube video. Then what is a good YouTube slideshow video maker I can use to create a YouTube video on Mac and upload it to YouTube?”

HD Slideshow Maker for Mac is a slideshow video maker which can easily turn your pictures into a YouTube video with music, transitions,theme. Then you can upload the video to YouTube and Facebook directly, or save it as a video on your Mac.

hd slideshow maker download

How to create a YouTube slideshow video on Mac

With HD Slideshow Maker, you can make a YouTube video in three minutes.

create youtube video on mac

youtube video maker for mac

1. Import photos to the slideshow maker and arrange photo order. Click “Add Photos” to locate and import to HD Slideshow Maker from Mac.  Click tab “Arrange”, then drag and drop to arrange photo order.

2. Add background music. Click “Add Music” , you can add more than one songs as video background music.

3. Sync slideshow to music. To keep slideshow and music play in pace, you can use the “Sync” button

sync slideshow to music

Use Sync button to sync video to music

4. Choose and customize a slideshow theme. HD Slideshow Maker provides various slideshow themes for choosing, also it enables you to customize a selected theme with a beautiful  image.

choose a theme for youtube video

Click “Theme” to choose a theme

5. Choose transitions for slides. The software can automatically apply random transitions to slides once photos are imported. If you want to change transitions, click the “Transition” icon and click transitions you like to apply them.

slideshow transitions

Choose slideshow transitions

How to upload a slideshow video to YouTube from Mac

After customizing the slideshow video, you can upload the video to YouTube directly.

Click “Share” button and choose “YouTube”, then sign in your YouTube account and upload the slideshow video to YouTube for sharing with friends. Also you can write title, description and tags for the video, so people can search for it easily.

post mac video to youtube

Upload a video to YouTube from Mac

Download HD Slideshow Maker Free Version>>

How to watch your photos on DVD player with music and transitions

If you want to view your photos on DVD player, you have to burn your photos on DVD. Because most DVD player can only recognize video DVD, you’d better burn a standard video DVD from your photos. In this article, I will show you how to create a photo slideshow and burn it on DVD playable on DVD  player with DVD Photo Slideshow.

DVD Photo Slideshow is a slideshow DVD maker and photo video creator. It can burn your photos onto DVD with music, transitions, DVD menu and other effects for watching on TV and DVD player.

download photo slideshow dvd maker

Step1. Organize Photos

Launch DVD Photo Slideshow on your computer. Click “Organize Photos” and drag your photos to “Album Photo” area from your computer. Arrange photo order by dragging and dropping. Then you can add text and subtitles on photos, or do some simple editing, such as rotation, brightness/contrast adjustment, and etc.

Click “Transition &Music”, you can replace randomly applied transitions with ones you like, add background music and sync slideshow to music.

In “Album Theme” area, you can choose a theme template for your slideshow, such as wedding theme, valentines’ day theme, birthday theme and more.

Import photos to photo dvd maker

Import photos, choose transition and theme, add music

Step2. Choose Menus

Click “Choose Menus” tab to choose a DVD menu template. The software provides many different kinds of DVD menu templates, such as Christmas, Graduation, Kid, Birthday and so forth.

You can choose one, then choose background music and image for it,  edit its title and set menu navigator.  Then click “Preview” to watch it just as you view it in DVD player.

choose dvd menu for slideshow dvd

Choose a DVD menu

Step3. Burn Disc

Now you can  burn the photo slideshow to DVD. Click  “Burn Disc” and choose “DVD Video Disc” from “Output Format” drop-down list. Then choose DVD Recorder and set Parameters.Now click “Burn Disc” to begin burning DVD slideshow.

After burning is finished, you can play it on your PC and DVD player, even TV with DVD player.

burn photo slideshow dvd

Burn photos on DVD in slideshow

Also you have other choices to save the photo slideshow. Such as burning CD Slideshow, exporting it as a video formats for YouTube, Facebook, iPhone, iPad, iPod, PSP and more.

choices to share your photos

Output formats drop-down list options

How to connect iPad to PC iTunes over WiFi

Can I connect iPad to iTunes via WiFi to sync photos, music, movies between iPad and computer? This article will show you how to sync iPad to PC using iTunes wirelessly.

Though there have been many apps to help me transfer photos/videos to iPad from PC, sometimes, we still need to use iTunes to sync big size movie and music. With iOS5, we can forget cable to sync iPad via WiFi.

Requirements to connect iPad to PC over WiFi

1. iTunes 10.6or higher

2. iPad running iOS5 or higher

3. iPad and PC are on the same Network

Step-by-step guides to wirelessly sync iPad to PC

1.Before syncing wirelessly, You have to use USB cable to connect iPad to PC iTunes first to change a setting. Launch iTunes on your computer, plug iPad into your computer using USB cable.

2. iTunes will automatically recognize iPad and  show iPad name under “DEVICES”.

3. Click iPad name and you will see the iPad management screen.Then click “Summary” tab, scroll down to “Options” area.

4. Check  “Sync with this iPad over Wi-Fi” and click “Apply” at  the right bottom of the screen. Now you have finished the setting option.

connect ipad to itunes

Check “Sync with this iPad over Wi-Fi”

5. Unplug iPad from your computer by clicking the eject button at the right bottom of your compute screen.

6.  Now your iPad has been connected to iTunes over WiFi. You can begin to sync iPad to PC wirelessly.

How to loop or repeat a photo slideshow on iPad

I am looking for a slideshow app to display all photos and play all music, random order, repeating forever. The built-in slideshow from photos doesn’t seem to let me pick a playlist of songs, but just a single one. I’m not looking for a slideshow builder, rather just something that will randomly select from an album or all photos, and a playlist or all songs.  Transitions would be nice as well, but not really necessary.”                                               ——Question 1

There are lot of  photos on my iPad 3 and I have made an album of those photos. I want to create a looping slideshow display of that album. Is there any app available to display those photos iPad3?”          ——Question 2

The above are two questions I searched on Google. In this following paragraph, i will give you answer to loop or repeat  iPad photos in slideshow videos, or create a looping slideshow video on iPad with Photo Slideshow Director HD.

Photo Slideshow Director HD is an iPad photo viewer and slideshow maker. It enables you to view your photos in slideshow with kinds of effects, or create a looping slideshow with music and transitions for YouTube and Facebook, even watching on HDTV.

Download from App Store:

1. Customize a slideshow with kinds of effects.

As a slideshow app, it surely have all the features to create a stunning slideshow, such as various transition effects, pan&zoom effects, powerful photo editor, text and subtitle adding, slideshow theme, slideshow and music synchronization.

It  is very easy to create a slideshow: Import photos from iPad photo Library or web albums(Flickr, Facebook, Picasa, Dropbox, Instagram and SkyDrive) and add several songs from Music Library. The app will apply random transitions to all imported photos. Then sync slideshow to music to make them play in pace.

loop ipad and web album photos

Import Photos from iPad and Web album

Also, you can use Photo Editor to fix or optimize photos, change transitions, set pan&zoom effects, add text on photos to deliver the meaning of these photos, arrange photo order, choose a slideshow theme and so forth.

Apply transitions, pan&zoom, arrange photo order and edit photos

Apply transitions, pan&zoom, arrange photo order and edit photos

2. Loop a slideshow video

Touch the “Setting” option on the top right corner of the screen and choose “Repeat at the end”, then toggle the on/off slider to ON.

Now touch the “Play” icon to have the looping slideshow display in full screen on your iPad. Also  you have other choices to play and share the looping slideshow:

  • Watch the looping slideshow on HDTV via Airplay and Apple TV or using Apple Digital Adapter and HDMI cable to connect iPad to TV.
  • Upload the looping slideshow to YouTube, Facebook, Dropbox and SkyDrive by signing in your accounts.
  • Transfer the slideshow to computer for iPad via WiFi.
loop slideshow video on ipad

Turn on”Repeat at end” to loop a slideshow

How to create a YouTue video with music and pictures on iPad

YouTube is the most popular video sharing website. Can I make my own YouTube videos? Of course, actually it is very easy to create a video and upload to YouTube. This tutorial is about how to make a YouTube video from pictures on iPad and post it to YouTube.

What you need is only a photo video maker – Photo Slideshow Director HD . With it , you can easily turn your photos into a stunning slideshow video with music, transitions, pan&zoom effects, text and subtitles and more effects. Add your photos into the iPad video maker, then you can upload an attractive photo video to YouTube.

Create a video for YouTube on iPad

First, you need to use Photo Slideshow Director HD to create a YouTube video with pictures.  The iPad slideshow video maker enables you to apply kinds of slideshow effects to create an attractive slideshow video.

The slideshow video software is very easy to use. Import your pictures from iPad Photo Library and web albums(including Picasa, Flickr, Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox and SkyDrive), add video background music, sync slideshow time to music time, then you can output a video.

Customize a video for youtube

Also you can use its Photo Editor to fix and optimize your pictures, customize pan&zoom effects for every picture, choose a  theme and customize it(such as a wedding theme for a wedding slideshow video), add text and subtitles on photos, and etc.

With all its powerful slideshow video feature, you can surely make a wonderful YouTube videos with your photos.

Step-by-step guides on creating slideshows with Photo Slideshow Director HD>>

Upload a video to YouTube from iPad

To post videos to YouTube, you have to have an  YouTube account first.  If you do not have a YouTube account, please go to YouTube website( to create a YouTube account. Then follow the guides below to upload a slideshow to YouTube.

1. Touch the Export icon and choose YouTube from Share Movie to list.

Post video to Youtube

Touch YouTube to post a video

2. You will be led to Google YouTube log-in window. Enter your Google Email and Password information, then tap Sign In to move forward.

sign in YouTube on iPad

Enter YouTube account information

3. In the pop-up Upload Video window,  enter Title and Description for your slideshow, and choose a resolution for the video slideshow from 360p, 540p and 720p. 720p video can show your photos in best quality. You can set the viewing permissions by tapping Public, Unlisted or Private.

Set YouTube video

Enter title,description and choose resolution for YouTube video

4. Finally, tap Upload Now button, the app will begin to encode the slideshow and upload it to YouTube.

create video for YouTube on iPad

Upload video to YouTube

You can also watch the slideshow video on HDTV via Airplay or Cable, upload the video to Facebook, Dropbox and SkyDrive, or Wireless transfer it to computer.

Download the Photo Slideshow Director HD Now!

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