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How to sync slideshow to background music

With Photo Slideshow Director HD, you can easily create a slideshow with pictures and music. However you may need to sync slideshow to music because the time duration between slideshow and background music.

1. After adding pictures to the slideshow app, touch “Music” icon and select songs for the slideshow. You can organize songs added by tapping “Background Music List”.

2. Click the “Clock” icon to bring up the small “Music and Slideshow Synchronization” window.

3. Wipe “Music Slideshow” ON/ OFF switch to ON.

4. Tap “Sync Music and Slideshow” button, the app will automatically adjust the showing time of each photo to make the whole slideshow time the same with background music time.

sync pictures to music in slideshow

slideshow and music synchronization

How to make a memorable graduation slideshow

So graduation is coming. It is time to  summarize your school time and say goodbye to your friends and teachers. So many students like taking photos with friends to record best memories. A good way to share and preserve these special photos is to create a graduation slideshow DVD or slideshow video , whenever you see the slideshow, you can remember your best friends and precious school life. Also we can make a graduation slideshow to showcase your growing up experiences with photos from childhood to graduation.

To make a graduation slideshow DVD(video), DVD Photo Slideshow can be a good choice. It enables you to create a graduation slideshow with photos, music, transitions, pan/ zoom effects and other effects.

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Step1. Add photos and personalize the slideshow

Click Organize Photos tab. Then drag photos to Album Photo area to begin making the graduation slideshow. Then you can personalize the slideshow with text, transitions, subtitles, theme are more. There are a bunch of transition effects for using between slides, such as Alpha Blend, Hear Iris, Star, etc. You can select transitions for each slide . The graduation slideshow maker allows you to add multiple songs  as slideshow music, even trim songs. You can sync slideshow to music to keep them play in pace. Click the Text button under sub-tab Album Photo, you can add text and subtitles to describe your photos.

Go to sub-tab Album Theme, you can select a graduation theme for your graduation slideshow.  After that you can change to Album Preview to preview the slideshow to see if it is satisfying. If not, go back to continue customizing your graduation slideshow.

graduation slideshow maker

make graduation slideshow

Step2. Choose a DVD menu

If you do not want to burn the graduation slideshow onto DVD,you can skip this step.

Click Choose Menus tab, you can see many beautiful theme templates on the left of the screen. Select one menu template for your graduation slideshow DVD and customize it with background music and image. Then edit the menu title,visibility and menu navigator. Select Play current album repeatedly, the graduation slideshow DVD will play in continuous loop when playing on TV.

choose mene for graduation dvd

choose graduation slideshow dvd menu

Step3. Output the graduation slideshow

Now switch to Burn Disc tab to output the graduation slideshow. Click Output Format drop-down list, you can see all the formats in which you can save the slideshow. You can burn the graduation slideshow onto DVD / CD or Blu-ray Disc, or save it as a video format in multiple formats, such as mp4, mov, avi, flv, swf , for playing on iPad / iPhone / iPod / PSP / Archos / Android device. Or you can create the graduation slideshow for sharing on YouTube, Facebook and Myspace.

create graduation slideshow

output graduation slideshow

Download Graduation Slideshow Maker Free Version

Photo to Video Converter Professional Review

professional photo video makerPhoto to Video Converter Professional is a photo video maker. It can convert your digital photos to a stunning video playable on YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, iPod, iPad, iPhone, Archos, PSP, Zune.  Its multiple output formats enables you to save the video in various popular formats, including mp4, flv, mov, avi, mkv, mpeg, h.264, h.264 HD, 3gp, 3gpp2, swf. To make eye-catching videos from pictures, it can be a decent choice with kinds of transitions, pan / zoom, album themes, art-clips , etc. You can also add text on photos to describe your video and express your feelings. No matter you want to create wedding photo videos, birthday photo videos, graduation photo videos, or any other kinds of videos with your photos, it will not disappoint you.

Download Photo to Video Converter Pro trial version free

(18.2 MB )

Key features of Photo to Video Converter Professional

1. A professional software to make videos from pictures

2. It is an easy-to-use video maker with user-friendly interface

3. Provides various transitions and pan / zoom effects

4. Adding and editing text on photos is available to describe videos

5. Allow users to add or import art-clips to decorate photos

6. Support music adding, slideshow and music synchronization

7. Allow to ripper or record songs as video background music

8. Kinds of album themes are available for choosing for videos

9. Multiple video outputs for saving videos in different formats

How to convert photos to a video with Photo to video Converter Pro

1. Click Album Photo tab and drag photos to main screen from your computer hard drive, or use the Add and Add All button to import photos. Then you can rotate photos, adjust brightness and contrast. Select a photo and click Text button  to add text on photos.

add photos to photo video maker

Add photos

2. Click Transition & Music, you can select transitions from over 300 and add background music for your video. The software enables you to trim your songs, so you can use part of the songs as background music.  In the right Album Setting area, you can set time for slide and transitions duration. You can even specify time for each photo and transition.  To sync slideshow to music, click the music icon next to Audio duration box.

customize video transtions and music

select transitions and add music for video

3. Go to Album Theme tab, you can choose a theme for the video, there are many beautiful themes for choosing, such as wedding themes, graduation themes, birthday themes, Christmas themes and more. If you do not want to use a theme, just select the first one(No theme). Check Title at the beginning and Credits in the end, you can enter titles and credits for the video.

choose theme for video

choose a theme for video

4. Click Album Preview tab to preview the video before outputting.

5. Switch to Video Output tab, click Output Format drop-down list and select a video format, such as MPEG Movie, then specify output folder and set parameters for the video.

Finally, click Create Now! to output the video.

output a photo video

create a video


How to create a Flickr slideshow for your website and blog

As one of the most popular photo sharing sites, Flickr also allows users to easily create a custom slideshow on your website or blog. In this article, I will show you how to make a Flickr slideshow and embed it to your website or blog.

To embed your Flickr photos as a slideshow on your website or blog, you just need to copy the following code to where you want the slideshow to show.

<iframe align=”center” src=” tag” width=”500″ height=”500″ frameBorder=”0″ scrolling=”no”></iframe>

Then you need to change the id(set_id or user_id ) to your sets id or your Flickr id, and replace the tag.

Or go to this site, then paste  the address of your flickr user page or photo set or group URL address, then you will get the HTML embed code(like the code above) at once, copy and paste this html code, the Flickr slideshow is ready to show on your website or blog.  Also you can preview the slideshow at the bottom of the screen.

create a flickr slideshow for embedding

create a flickr slideshow for embedding

 The following is a slideshow I made with photos from my Flickr set.

If you want to make a professional flash slideshow for your website and blog, you can use Flash Slideshow Maker. It enables you to make a SWF slideshow with background music, kinds of transitions, text, hyperlinks and more.  Also it provides various slideshow themes, such as 3D theme, fly, professional, simple, etc.

Learn More about Flash Slideshow Maker



How to make a slideshow on Flickr

As one of the best online photo management and sharing service, Flickr also enables users to view their photos as a slideshow . Flickr slideshows are easy to create and convenient for sharing, either through a URL or an embedding code.

To create a slideshow on Flickr, you should have a Yahoo ID, then you can sign into Flickr with your Yahoo ID.

Create a Flickr photo slideshow

1. Go to Flickr homepage and sign into your Flickr account with Yahoo ID and password.

2. Click Upload button to upload photos to Flickr Photostream from your computer.

3. If you just want to create a slideshow with parts of your photos, you need to create a Set to put these photos together. Click You-> Organize->Sets->Create a new set, then drag photos from the bottom list to the set area.  Then type title and description for the new set.

4. Open a set , and click Slideshow button(highlighted), then your photos will be displayed as a slideshow. A Flickr Slideshow is finished.

Note: If you want to view all your photos on Flickr in slideshow, click You->Your photostream , then click Slideshow button to watch your photos in slideshow.

click Slideshow on Flickr

click Slideshow on Flickr

Share a Flickr slideshow

You can share a slideshow through a URL or embedding code. Click the Share option in the upper right corner of the slideshow showing window. Then  Share this slideshow window will appear, with URL and Embed HTML for the slideshow.

To share the Flickr slideshow with friends, you can mail the URL to your friends or post it to Facebook.

If you want to insert the Flickr slideshow into your website or blog, copy the HTML code and paste it to where you want to put the slideshow.

Share a Flickr slideshow

Share a Flickr slideshow

How to delete a photo album from iPad

Are you confused about how to delete an album from your iPad? To delete an album off iPad, you may consider where the album comes from first. If the albums were created on your iPad you can delete them on the iPad easily. However, if the albums were synched from your computer you can’t delete them on the iPad. You will have to sync with iTunes on your computer to delete the albums.

Case 1. Delete an album that was created on iPad

Go to the Photos App on the iPad. At the top of the screen there should be three options (Photos, Album, Places). If you have opened the Photo Stream, there will be one more Photo Stream option.Tap Albums, then tap Edit (right upper corner), then tap on the X that appears on the corner of the album you want to delete.

remove ipad album

delete album from ipad

After tapping X, a dialog window will pop up, asking if you are sure to delete the Album, select Delete. Then the album will be deleted  the iPad.

delete an album off ipad

Tap the X to delete an album


Case 2. Delete previously synced albums from iPad

Simply plug your iPad into your computer and click iPad name under DEVICES on the left sidebar in iTunes. Proceed to the Photos tab and there you will be able to remove them.

  • Open iTunes on your PC and plug iPad into your PC
  • Click your iPad name under Devices on the left sidebar.
  • Click the Photos tab on the top in iTunes management screen. Select the folder that contains your photos from the drop-down menu next to “Sync Photos From” at the top .
  • Check the Selected albums, Events and Faces, and automatically include option and place a check mark next to the album you want to sync with your iPad, and unselect the album you want to delete from iPad.
  • Click Sync in the lower right corner of the iTunes window to sync your iPad. When the sync is complete, the photo album associated with that folder is no longer on the iPad.
delete ipad album from itunes

Uncheck the album you want to delete

Make a Mother’s Day Photo Slideshow DVD as A Gift

Mothers_dayMother’s Day is a celebration honoring mothers and motherhood. On this special, children can send best wishes and gifts to mothers to express their love and thanks. As Mother’s Day is approaching, you may consider purchasing a special gift for your mother.  This year, you can make a DIY gift for your mother –  Photo Slideshow DVD. A mother’s day slideshow with music and your mother’s photos will surely touch mother’s heart. Also you can add text in the slideshow to deliver your gratitude and love.

On Mother’s Day, say thanks and show your masterpiece to your mother. Open the TV and insert the slideshow DVD into the DVD player, then watch the mother’s day slideshow with your mother.

Before making a Mother’s Day photo slideshow DVD, you need do some pre-work:

1. Photos you want to use in the slideshow, such as your mother’s photos, photos of you and your mother.

2. Mother’s Day songs for the slideshow,  you should find some songs specially for mothers or Mother’s Day.Good songs for Mother’s Day slideshow recommendation>>

3.Words you want to add in the slideshow. You can add words on each photo, or add text at the first and last slide to deliver your love.

4. A great slideshow DVD maker. I recommend DVD Photo Slideshow, which is a professional slideshow software for Windows.


Steps to make a Mother’s Day slideshow DVD as a gift

1. Add photos and customize the slideshow

  • Click  Organize Photos tab, click the  photo folder from the folder list panel  to open it.
  • Drag photos to Album Photo area from the upper part photo panel, or click Add All to import all photos in the opened folder. You can drag and drop to arrange photo order.
  • Click Text to add text on photos.
  • Click Transition & Music to choose transitions for your slideshow, and add one or more songs as background music. According to needs, you can set time for each slide and transition.
  •  In Album Theme area, choose a beautiful theme. If you do not want to use a theme, choose No theme. If you want to add titles and credits, check the Titles at the beginning and Credits in the end,  then enter text in the box and customize the text.
  • Go to  Album Preview area to preview the slideshow.
create mother day slideshow

Add photos and customize slideshow

2. Choose a DVD menu

  • Click Choose Menus tab and choose a DVD menu from the right template list.
  • You can add one or more background images and songs.
  • Edit the menu and set the Menu Navigator.
  • In Preview area, preview the real effect of the DVD slideshow.
Mother day slideshow dvd menu

Choose a dvd menu for mother day slideshow

3. Burn slideshow to DVD

  • Switch to Burn Disc tab.
  • Select DVD Video Disc and insert a blank DVD – RW /+RW  disc into your computer DVD drive.
  • Set parameters for the DVD, remember to select right TV System if you want to play the slideshow DVD on TV.  There are PAL and NTSC TV System for choosing.  The software provides tips to help you select the right TV system.
  • Click Burn Now to begin burning the slideshow onto DVD.
burn mother day slideshow to dvd

burn slideshow to dvd

Also you can output the slideshow as a video for playing on iPad, iPhone, Android device, YouTube, Facebook and more.