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How to make birthday slideshow for your family or friends

Every year we grow older, and things just keep changing around. So although we have birthday every year, each birthday is just different, and each one is important. Photo is a good tool for me to keep the memories ,growth experience or just happy times. It’s also a good idea to make the photos into beautiful birthday slideshows for birthday party. Good birthday songs is also indispensable. I have found some : .

So here let’s go into the main topic about – How to make a birthday slideshow for your family or friends. It’s very simple. First, there are somethings we should prepare in advance: photos of course, songs, a slideshow software. We will use Slideshow DVD Creator, for it is the simplest software I’d ever used.

1. Download the software and install.

The software can be downloaded for free from : This free version has the 36 photos limitation, so please notice.

2. Add Photos and songs into software.

In the left panel of the software, there are “Images” and “Music” button on it. Click the two button to go to the folders which contains the photos and songs. Just drag & drop them, you can have them added.

If you’d like to change the order of the photos, drag them in the photos list directly. If you’d like to change the order of the songs, click the name of the songs, then change them in the pop-up dialogue.

3. Insert a blank image into the beginning and add some text into it.

Click “Slideshow – Insert blank image” from the menu bar of your Mac, then you can select a blank image from the “Add a Blank Image” dialogue . Drag it to the beginning.



Next you can add transition effect for your photos. Then set time for them to make the slideshow more desirable.

After you finished the slideshow, you can click the “Play” to preview it. Then you can encode it into mov/ mp4 video format, or burn it into DVD by using the built-in DVD player.



birthday slideshowdownload pdf

How to make slideshow in mp4 format on Mac

You may like to make your photos into slideshow and enjoy it. But you may be headache when you want to upload the slideshow to, such as Youtube or Facebook, or when you want to sync the slideshow to your mobile phones so you enjoy it on trip and so on. There are many slideshow software you can find online, free or paid. And there are some which can encode slideshow to video format. But which one is the best. I recommend MP4 since it is the most widely supported.

So here I want to show you how to make your own slideshow  and encode it to the MP4 format. So you can enjoy as you like. The software I chose to use is Slideshow DVD Creator.  According to its name, you can know that it is a dvd photo slideshow software. But it can not only burn slideshow to DVD, but also can encode slideshow to MOV/ MP4. Of course, it is convenient if you also want to burn your slideshow to DVD, for it has the built-in DVD burner.

OK, back to our topic, Let’s see how to make slideshow in mp4 format.

First, download the soft from, and the download is free. After you install the soft on your Mac, you can see the interface like below:

run mac slideshow dvd creaot
You can add both photos and songs into the software by just drag & drop. Of course, you will have no limitation on number of songs. And after you added them, you can change their orders. Just click the name of songs you can have a dialogue pop-up where you can set order of songs. For photos, please see screenshot as below:

arrange photos on mac
Next, decorate your slideshow by using the transition effects and themes which the software provides. There are many other functions you can search by yourself. It’s very simple to find out. Such as: add empty images; add text into photos, sync the slideshow & music; Pan & Zoom effect; set play time for each of your photos and transition effects and so on.

After you finish your slideshow, click “play” button to see it. If you are satisfied with it, click “Slideshow DVD Creator” in left top corner of your Mac screen, to specify video output format(MP4) and video format.

video setting
Click “Share -> Encode to Movie” from top menu bar, in “Share Video” window, enter title and description, select Video size(such as 1080p). Finally click “OK” , the program will begin to encode the slideshow to a video file.

create video slideshow

You now have your MP4 slideshow video.



MP4 slideshowdownload pdf




How to trim the length of music for your slideshow

When making slideshows using still photos, it’s a good option to add some songs to be the background music, and it’s will be better if the song is suitable with the theme which the slideshow wants to express. Sometimes people may want to trim the length of the songs they are using, so it fits better with the photos; and perhaps you may also want just use a part of the song which you like best.

Using the DVD Photo Slideshow, you can do it very easily. DVD photo slideshow is a slideshow-making tool, you can use it to make slideshow in minutes, and encode it to mov/ mp4 or other video format; burn slideshow to DVD/ VCD or upload it to Facebook/ Youtube/ myspace directly.

Also it has many other fabulous functions, if you are interested, you can go to : to find more about the software.

Here, I will not show you how to make a slideshow step by step, but how to trim the length of the songs before you add it as background music for your slideshow.

First, download and install the software to your computer. Notice that the download is free, so download to have a try freely.

It will show you three steps to make slideshow : 1. Organize photos; 2. Choose menus; 3. Burn disc. Just follow the step to make your own slideshow.

Second, in the left “Album” panel, you can click the “New” to create new project. And select the folder which contains the photos you want to use, then drag & drop them into your new album from right top panel.


You can add far more than 5 photos like I did here.

Third, go to “Transition & Music” tab. Here you can select transition effect for your photos, and set duration time for both your photos and transition effects. Of course, here you can manage your music.

In the “Background music” box, there will be a default.mp3 music for you, you can keep it or delete it to add your own music.


Forth, After you added your own music, click the “Trim” button, then a dialogue will pop up.


Here you can trim your audio file according to your need. After that, you can set the duration for your photos and transition effects to make them fit.




Trim music lengthdownload pdf










How to make your baby slideshow to share on Facebook

It’s popular to share your photos or videos on Facebook with your Facebook friends. Compared with uploading loads of photos, I’d like to make photos into a slideshow, and use many beautiful effects to make it more beautiful. Also to mothers or fathers, babies are the most important in their lives. Here I want to show you how to make your baby’s photos into slideshow, then upload it to Facebook.

As a amateur, I’ve tried several different kinds of software to help me. And the simplest one I’m now using is Slideshow DVD Creator. From the name of the software, you can know that the software can help you burn your slideshow into DVD. But also, it can help you  encode the slideshow you made into mov/ mp4 video format.

First, we have to download the software from its website :

Then we can open the software to start our project. Steps as below :

  • Only by dragging & dropping we can add our baby photos into the software. And here is a “music” option of us to add our favorite song as background music, of course, you can have more than one music as background music.
  • Then we can manage the photos and music, such as change the order, remove the one that we’ve added by mistake or others.
  • Next, click the button between photos to select transition effect for our photos. For the most time, I will just find one transition effect, and click  “Apply to All” to make all the photos have the same transition effect. Of course, you can set different one for different photo.
  • After the transition effect, Let’s set photo play time and transition time. There are default time for your photos. In general, the play time is the same for all your photos, you can set them to make them different.
  • Of course, we would like the music ends just the same as the photos ended. Here you can use “Sync Music & Slideshow” to achieve the goal.
  • Last, you can encode it to mov or mp4 now.

Let’s see some screenshot:

add song to slideshow
sync slideshow and music
create video slideshow
From the help page of Facebook, we can know that Facebook supports all video types, but MP4 will be the best. So we will choose to encode the slideshow to mp4 format.



Now, please go to facebook, and upload your slideshow to enjoy your baby slideshow with your friends.

For step-by-step tutorial, please go to




make slideshow for babydownload pdf