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How to make a slideshow for your Halloween party

Halloween is coming soon. How about make a spooky frightening slideshow for your Halloween party, so you can have more fun with your friends.

If you have no slideshow knowledge background, there is no need to worry about. All you have to do is collect the photos you want to use, and select some halloween music which you want to add as background music.

For good Halloween songs, you can look at :  Best songs for your Halloween slideshow.

After you have collected the photos and music, next with Slideshow DVD Creator you can make a eye-catching slideshow within minutes.

First, download the slideshow dvd creator from the website, and install it to your computer. After you launch the software, you can add the photos and music into in by the “Images” and “Music” button appears in the left panel.

Of course, you can set the order of the photos by dragging them directly. Click the music name appears below the list of the photo, you can select to change order, or delete the music.

Slideshow DVD Creator doesn’t have a music trimming function, but you can set time for each photo and transition effect to make the slideshow and music synchronized. Or you can click “Option” – “Music” – “Sync music & slideshow” to do the same job.

dvd for tv setting
Slideshow dvd creator has prepared many transition effects for you. You can set different effects for different photo, or apply one effect to all the photos. The transition effect determines how your photos will be displayed.

Here are more functions you can make use of. Such as set theme for your slideshow, add text onto photos, insert blank image into the slideshow, set Pan & Zoom effect and so on.

After all things done, you can select to export the slideshow as mp4 or mov video format, or burn the slideshow into DVD, so you can play it on TV through DVD player.

For full user guide of slideshow dvd creator, you can go to :

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how to make a slideshow DVD using iDVD

It’s really fun to turn your still photos and music into slideshow DVD, and enjoy it with families or friends. There are many free tools can help you achieve that. Today, I want to show you how to use Apple’ iDVD to make your own slideshow DVD quickly.

But notice, iDVD is not available in Mac OS X 10.7 or higher now. So for Mac OS X 10.7 or higher users, you can use Slideshow DVD Creator instead.

To begin building the slideshow, first click “Media” button in the right bottom corner, then you can see three tabs “Audio / Photos / Movies” appear. Select one, then you can drag & drop the photos, music or movies to add them into the slideshow.


Next, click the “Themes” button next to “Media”, there will appear a list of ready-to-use themes you can use.

And you can also add background pictures by dragging a photo into the theme’s background.

Also you can set DVD title for your slideshow DVD as shown below:


You can have more control over your slideshow using iDVD. In the bottom of the windows, you can set slideshow duration to specify the time each slide plays; Transition helps you set transition effect to govern how one slide turn into another; Slideshow volume helps you control the volume.

Click the “Setting” button, then you can have more control over your slideshow. Find out it by yourself to have more fun.


When you finish the slideshow, click play button to preview it. If satisfied, click the “burn” to make your DVD. After it finished, you can enjoy the DVD on Apple TV, PC or other portable DVD movie players.


iDVD slideshowdownload pdf

How to make a slideshow using photos from your iPad

Because the high resolution of iPad camera, we all like to use iOS devices to take photos or videos. But sync it back to computers or other iOS devices using iTunes is a big problem. There is one time iTunes erased all of my videos and photos automatically, and I even cann’t restore them. And about slideshow, I’d like to make photos into slideshow to keep them, because slideshow is much more stunning than still photos.

So here I want to show you how to make slideshow using photos from your iPad/ iPhone/ iPod touch. We will use two wonderful toos, which are wireless transfer app and slideshow dvd creator. Wireless transfer app can help you transfer photos and videos between iPad/ iPhone/ iPod/ Windows/ Mac freely using wifi, without iTunes or USB cables. It recently upgraded to the newest version 3.5 which can run on iOS7 perfectly.  Slideshow dvd creator can help you create a professional-looking slideshow within minutes.

First, we have to transfer photos from iPad to computer.

1. Download the wireless transfer app from ;

2.Connect the iPad and your computer to the same wifi route;

3. Run Wireless Transfer App on iPad, and be sure to keep it from sleeping.

4.Input the URL link exactly as it appears on the iPad into the browser (IE, Chrome, Firefox and so on) to go to the transfer page.

5. Select one album then you can download photos one by one or in batch.



Second, we can make photos downloaded into slideshow.

1.Download Slideshow DVD Creator from The download is free.

2.Click “Images” on the left panel of the soft, then you can select one folder and drag & drop the photos to add them.

3.Directly drag the photos in the list to change the order according to your need.

4.Click the button between photos to add transition effects.

5.Click the time shown on the photos to set play time for each photos and transition effect.

6. There are other things you can also do : add songs as background music; add theme; add text into photos; set Pan & Zoom effect; sync slideshow & music and so on. There are also other functions you can find out by yourself.

7.If you are satisfied with the slideshow you made, you have 2 choices now : a. export it into mov or mp4 video format; b. burn it into DVD.

For more information, you can go to : .


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