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Cast iPhone photos and music on TV with Chromecast

Google Chromecast supports Google play and Youtube, but unfortunately it doesn’t support casting photos/ videos in your iPhone/ iPad/ Android phones with Chromecast. Good news is there are many good apps from other developers which you can use to do the job.

Here we will look at CastOnTV which has both Android and iOS version, and you can use it to cast photos/ music/ videos in your iOS/ Android devices to big screen TV only with you putting the device and chromecast under the same wifi network.

The iOS version of CastOnTV is free, so you can cast your iPhone/ iPad photos with background music in slideshow way on TV with ease. The interface is also very simple, only tap on the “Photo” and “Music” button to select the files you want to play, then select the Chromecast device to cast them.

app storeSee screenshot below:


Play photos, music and videos on TV using Chromecast

Google has the new product called Chromecast, with the help of CastOnTV, you can easily play photos and music in your iPhone/ iPad/ Android devices to TV screen in a slideshow way. It also can play videos taken by devices to big TV screen in the same way.

Just put the Chromecast device to your HDMI TV, then photos, music, and videos in the device can be simply showed on TV with big screen under same Wifi network. It can even correct videos orientation to play it right.

And because it has both Android and iOS version, quite easy to share your memory with family or friends together.

Download iOS version

Down Android version

Here is some screenshots:

Add photo and music to set as background music to play them in slideshow way.




Select video to play on TV.