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TopScanner – Top Scanner app for iPhone and iPad

TopScannerTopScanner scanner app is an iOS tool that take photo of your documents and create high quality PDF with iPhone and iPad camera.

When you need to scan our paper documents and send them via email, you usually need a scanner devices.  Nowadays, thanks to the stunning camera of your iPhone or iPad, you can easily turn them into a portable scanner with some scanner apps like TopScanner.

The work flow of these scanner app is very straightforward, you put the document on a desktop, hold your iPhone and take a photo for the document, the scanner app like TopScanner will automatically detect the edge of your document and process it, then you can get a very handy PDF file in your iPhone. You can email it, share it to cloud services or just save it for a backup purpose.

There is a demo video on YouTube:

This app is available on AppStore:


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Play iPhone slideshow on TV using Chromecast

Do you want to make slideshow simply using your favorite photos and music on your iPhone or iPad, then enjoy it on big TV screen through wifi with the function of remote control on iPhone which can use to make the slideshow play, pause or move forwards/ backwards with only taps on iPhone. If so, you are in the right place.

Here I want to introduce a convenient app which can help you cast iphone photos, music in the way of slideshow on TV through Chromecast. It features the transition effect, music cut, slideshow title and other useful functions which help to make a stunning slideshow only by taps. It is SlideshowCast App

app storeLet’s continue to see how to use it.

First, after download the SlideshowCast to iPhone/ iPad, tap the icon to launch it. Below is the interface.

slideshowcast interfaceTap “New Slideshow” button to add photos from Camera Roll/ Photo Library or take photos using built-in camera.

add photos into projectThe buttons in the bottom of the interface are used to “Add photos”, “Move and scale photos”, “Edit photos” and “Delete photos” from left to right.

So here we can crop the photos to get a part of a photo which we need, then use the built-in Photo Editor to make changes on photo.

move and scale photoWhen everything is done, tap “Next” to set “duration per slide”, “video quality”, “select background music and trim”, “Pan & Zoom”, “Transition”, “set title” and so on to make the slideshow more professional.

make settings of slideshowAfter the slideshow was made, insert the chromecast to TV, connect iPhone and chromecast to same wifi network, then you can enjoy the slideshow on TV now.


Burn iPhone videos to DVD on Mac

It’s really important for iPhone fans to move their precious photos and videos which take record of their memories to computer, then to burn them onto DVD or save to U-disk or upload to Internet.

Here I want to show how to transfer iPhone videos to computer using only wifi, then burn them on to DVDs for saving. Here I will use Wireless Transfer app for iPhone and Slideshow DVD Creator for Mac.

Wireless Transfer app is a transfer tool which has Windows/ Mac/ iOS/ Android version, so you can use the app to transfer photos/ videos between computer, iOS devices and Android devices freely. Here we will use it to send videos from iPhone to Mac.

Slideshow DVD Creator is a slideshow application which can create photos/ music/ videos to professional-looking slideshow quite simply, then burn it onto DVD with the built-in DVD burner. Of course, it also supports to encode the slideshows to MP4 or Mov video format, so you can also enjoy the slideshow video on portable devices or upload them to Youtube/ Facebook etc.

Let’s see how to do it:

1. Download Wireless Transfer app to iPhone from App Store. Tap the button to launch it .

Make sure that the iPhone and Mac are connected to the same wifi network already.

wireless-transfer-app-iphone2. Download the Mac version of wireless transfer app from . After launching it, click the box next to “Device” to connect the Mac with iPhone.

3. Then select the right album, and click the “Video” tab to show all the videos in the album, then click to batch download them.

transfer-video-from-iphone-to-macWe can also specify the folder where the videos will be downloaded to.


If you don’t want to install application on your Mac, you can also use browser to transfer videos between Mac and iPhone. Input the address you get from iPhone into browser of Mac, then select album and choose videos to download. Both ways are simple and convenient.

4. Next download Slideshow DVD Creator to Mac and launch it.

run mac slideshow dvd creator

5. Click the “Videos” tab, then drag the videos you just downloaded to the bottom panel directly to add them.

6. There are DVD menu, title, theme, pan & zoom effect, duration you can set to the videos, but here we just burn them into DVD directly. So click “Burn DVD ” to burn them.




Cast iPhone photos and music on TV with Chromecast

Google Chromecast supports Google play and Youtube, but unfortunately it doesn’t support casting photos/ videos in your iPhone/ iPad/ Android phones with Chromecast. Good news is there are many good apps from other developers which you can use to do the job.

Here we will look at CastOnTV which has both Android and iOS version, and you can use it to cast photos/ music/ videos in your iOS/ Android devices to big screen TV only with you putting the device and chromecast under the same wifi network.

The iOS version of CastOnTV is free, so you can cast your iPhone/ iPad photos with background music in slideshow way on TV with ease. The interface is also very simple, only tap on the “Photo” and “Music” button to select the files you want to play, then select the Chromecast device to cast them.

app storeSee screenshot below:


Play photos, music and videos on TV using Chromecast

Google has the new product called Chromecast, with the help of CastOnTV, you can easily play photos and music in your iPhone/ iPad/ Android devices to TV screen in a slideshow way. It also can play videos taken by devices to big TV screen in the same way.

Just put the Chromecast device to your HDMI TV, then photos, music, and videos in the device can be simply showed on TV with big screen under same Wifi network. It can even correct videos orientation to play it right.

And because it has both Android and iOS version, quite easy to share your memory with family or friends together.

Download iOS version

Down Android version

Here is some screenshots:

Add photo and music to set as background music to play them in slideshow way.




Select video to play on TV.









Add video clips for your slideshow

When search slideshow online, I found that a lot of people are asking “how to add video clips to slideshow”. Adding video clips to slideshow can help make the slideshow more vivid, and show the memorable moment with others.

We have showed many times about how to make slideshows with photos and music using Slideshow DVD Creator, which has featured many fabulous functions can help create professional-looking slideshows within minutes even by one who has little background knowledge of slideshow.

Now Slideshow DVD Creator has a new feature which supports adding videos clips into slideshow the same as photos and music.

Let’s see how to create a slideshow using video clips:

1. Download Slideshow DVD Creator to your Mac computer and launch it. Slideshow DVD Creator is a Mac application, and if you also want to create do the same thing in Windows, there we have DVD Photo Slideshow.

run mac slideshow dvd creator

2. In the far left panel, there we have “Images” “Video” and “Music” buttons. Click the button, then we can select photos, music or videos from folders which appear in the left.

Of course, there is a simpler way to add videos or others into application. We can drag & drop the video files directly into the bottom panel to add them. Of course, not all video files can be added, you can only add mp4, mov and other formats which are supported by Apple.

add-videosVideos, music and photos can be added into the same project.

add-photos-videosNext, drag them directly in the panel to change order.

3. To change order of the music files, click the Play icon in the bottom, then change order in the popping-up dialogue.

add-video-clips-slideshow14. The duration of photos, the background music, the transition effects can also be set.

Click “Options” button, then you can set time in “Slideshow settings”. We can also make slideshow and music synchronized in the “Music” tab.

add-video-clips-slideshow2Now, you can click the “Play” button to view the slideshow to see if it meets your need.

Of course, there are more good features you can use to make the slideshow more beautiful. The trial version is free to download, and the only difference between the free trial version and the paid full version is the 36 photos limitation, so you can have a full taste of the application before purchase.

5. Next you can choose to burn the slideshow into DVD by clicking the “Burn DVD” button.

Very simple. Have a try by yourself.






How to use iPad photos and videos to make DVD slideshow

We all like to use iPhone/ iPad camera to keep the important moment of our daily life. How about using those photos and videos to make a vivid photo video slideshow, and burn them to DVD?

To do this, first we have to move photos and video from iPad to computer, then use some slideshow software to make them into stunning slideshow and burn them into DVD.

Here I want to show a very simple way to do the job. We need “Wireless Transfer App” and “Slideshow DVD Creator“.

Wireless Transfer App can help you transfer photos and video between iPhone/ iPad/ Windows/ Mac only using Wifi; Slideshow DVD Creator can help you make slideshow using photos, music and videos within minutes, and burn the slideshow into DVD with the built-in DVD burner.

1. Send iPad photos and videos to computer

Connect the iPad and computer to the same Wifi network, then download Wireless Transfer app to iPad. Tap on the icon to launch the app and get the address from the bottom of the interface.


Type the address into web browser of computer (Safari, Chrome etc), and get the transfer page.


Select the album and go to the photos/ videos list, there you can download the photos and videos to computer.

Now we have got the photos and videos on computer, next we can make them into slideshow.


2. Make photo video slideshow and burn into DVD

Download Slideshow DVD Creator to Mac, and install it. If have any difficulty, follow the instruction to install it : Install application on Mac.

Launch the application, we can drag & drop the photos and videos directly to the bottom panel of the application to add them. Or we can use the “Images” “Video” “Music” tab to select and add them.


After that, drag the videos or photos thumbnail to change the order. Music can also be added into slideshow as background music.

add song to slideshow
There are many other features, such as transition effect, Pan & Zoom effect, add text to photos, DVD title, DVD menu, theme and so on. The software can be downloaded for free, everyone interested can download to have a try.

add text on slideshow
Click the “Play” button to preview the slideshow. Before burn DVD, we can make settings about DVD video aspect and TV system:

dvd for tv setting
Finally insert DVD disc into Mac, and click “Burn DVD” button to start.