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Slideshow Software for iPad Mini Review

Wanna turn your photos into a slideshow video with music , transitions on iPad mini? Then try Photo Slideshow Director HD. This slideshow app for iPad mini lets you use iPad photos and photos from web albums to create a musical slideshows within minutes.  It is a great app for you to showcase and share photos in an interesting way.


iPad mini slideshow app

Photo Slideshow Director On iPad Mini


Reviews from users for iPad / iPhone slideshow app

1. Review from user danger_bird71

slideshow software reivew

2. User Anseljr said the slideshow app is amazing

slideshow software review

3. Harpo1 said that this iPad slideshow app works well and cheaper, simple to use, intuitive, etc.


4. Terry906 said that the slideshow app provides a simple way to share photos




5.  Youngs97 highly recommended this slideshow software , easy to use and powerful feature and better than other similar apps.


Features that makes this iPad / iPhone slideshow software so amazing

1. Easy to use: You even can create an attractive slideshow by just adding photos and music.

2. Support using photos from Picasa, Facebook, Dropbox, SkyDrive, Flickr and Instagram:  You can add photos to a slideshow from iPad photo albums and web albums, like Picasa, Facebook, Flickr, etc.

3. Powerful features:  Transitions, pan / zoom effects, themes and background image, text and subtitles to describe photos, photo editor to edit photos.

4. Multiple slideshow sharing options : Easy to upload a slideshow to Facebook / YouTube / Dropbox / SkyDrive, save slideshow as a video to Camera Roll, stream a slideshow to HDTV.

5. Built-in photo editor: You can use the app as a photo editor, it can meet most of your photo editing needs, such as cropping, strengthening, adding effects, brightness / contrast adjustment, and etc.

6. Sync slideshow to music:  Use the Synchronization feature to sync slideshow to music.

Click to see its screenshots and step-by-step guides>>

System Requirements to use this slideshow creator

Photo Slideshow Director HD is compatible with iPad, iPad2, new iPad, iPad 4, iPad mini. Also it is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation)



How to turn photos to slideshow on iPad 4 for sharing and presenting

Have many pictures on your iPad 4 and want to share and display pictures as a slideshow video with music and kinds of effects? The iPad 4 has its features which lets you easily view pictures as a slideshow, however you can not save and upload it to Facebook / YouTube for sharing. So to create professional slideshows for viewing and sharing, you may need to use professional photo to video slideshow software for iPad 4.

Photo Slideshow Director HD is a slide show software for iPad 4 and iPhone which enables you to convert digital photos to stunning slideshow videos for viewing and uploading to YouTube / Facebook / Dropbox for sharing. With it , you can organize your photos on iPad 4 and web albums (like Flickr, Picasa, Facebook) and share them in an interesting way.

Turn pictures to slideshow on iPad 4 with simple taps

1. Import photos from iPad 4 albums and Facebook, Picasa and other web albums

You can  import photos from iPad 4 albums and web albums, including Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, Dropbox, SkyDrive and Instagram. It sounds fun to create a slideshow with photos from different sources.

import photos to slideshow project

Add photos from iPad and web albums

2. Add background music and transitions, pan & zoom and other effects for slideshow

You can add more than one songs , then sync slideshow to music with the synchronization option.  And the slideshow app can apply random transitions for all slides, also you can change transitions by tapping the “Transition” icon to bring up all transition effects.

And it is so easy to customize the pan & zoom effects with pan, pinch and rotation gesture. Wanna add text and subtitles to describe your photos ? Of course, Photo Slideshow Director HD can let you add narrations on photos. Even you can edit photos with its built-in photo editor, like adding effects and art clips, eliminating red eyes, cropping pic, and etc.

Note: If you just want to create a very simple slideshow with transitions, after importing photos and music, you can go to step 3 to publish the slideshow.


slideshow with music

Add slideshow music

3. Save and publish a slideshow video

After customizing the slideshow, you can tap the “Export” button and choose where to share the slideshow.  You have different ways to publish the slideshow.

  • View slideshow on iPad in full screen
  • Stream photo slide show to HDTV via Airplay or Cable
  • Save the slideshow video to Camera Roll for viewing latter
  • Upload to Facebook, YouTube, Dropbox and SkyDrive for sharing
  • Wireless transfer to your computer for watching


publish slideshows from ipad

share slideshow

How to turn your Flickr pictures into a slideshow video on iPad/ iPhone

Have many pictures in your Flickr web albums and wanna convert your Flickr pictures to animated videos for sharing? Photo Slideshow Director HD is simple and powerful slideshow video creator which can turn your pictures(including Flickr pictures) into stand-alone slideshows with music and kinds of effects.

With Photo Slideshow Director HD, you can not only import pictures from Camera Roll, but also you can use photos in Flickr, Facebook, Picasa and other web albums. So  you can add pictures from different sources to create slideshows.

Make a slideshow video from Flickr pictures on iPad / iPhone

In the following tutorial, I will take making slideshows on iPad as an example. However you can follow the steps on iPhone too.

1. Touch Web Album icon and choose Flickr album from web albums list. Then the Yahoo Flickr login window will pop up.  Enter your Yahoo ID and Password to sign in your Flickr album.

sign in flickr on ipad

Touch web album and choose Flickr

2. After signing in , all your Flickr albums will show up. Choose albums and touch photos to download them into Photo Slideshow Director HD. You can add pictures one by one by touching, or you can touch Add All to import all pictures in one album.

3. Add background music for slideshows.  Touch the Music icon, you can add songs from Music Library by Albums, Artists, Composer and More. You can add one song or more songs, then organize song order.

4. Apply various slideshow effects. For the app can apply random transitions and pan / zoom effect for all slides, the slideshow is ready for playing after adding background music. Also you can change transitions, customize ken burns effects, choose a slideshow theme, set slides and transitions time, and etc.

Photo Slideshow Director provides a powerful photo editor, so you can fix and optimize your photos before sharing them. If you like, you can even save these Flickr pictures to your Camera Roll.

add slideshow effects

Add effects for slideshow video

5. Publish a slideshow video. After customizing a slideshow with animated effects, you have different choices to share the Flickr picture  slideshow. You can view it on iPad and TV with large monitor, or upload it to social websites for sharing.

  • Touch Play icon to watch it on iPad/ iPhone. If you want to play it in continuously looping, touch the Setting icon(like gear) and slide Repeat at end on.
  •  Watch on HDTV as a 1080p HD video by connecting iPad/ iPhone to TV via WiFi or cable. The app showcases your pictures in best quality at a resolution of 1920×1080.
  • Upload to Facebook and YouTube for sharing.  Touch Export icon and choose Facebook / YouTube, it enables you to upload a 720P HD video to Facebook / YouTube.
  • Upload to Dropbox and SkyDrive for saving , then save emails with video link to friends for sharing.
  • Save the Flickr picture slideshow to Camera Roll.
  • Transfer the slideshow to PC via its WiFi transfer feature for watching on your computer.
publish flickr photo slideshow

Publish flickr photos as a slideshow


How to make a slideshow video from Dropbox album pictures

Have many pictures saving on your Dropbox? Want to share pictures in Dropbox with friends with music and transitions?  Learn how to use iPad / iPhone / iPod slide show video creator to turn your Dropbox photos into awesome slideshows.

Do I have to copy my Dropbox photos to Camera Roll first, then use them in a slideshow project? Of course not, Photo Slideshow Director HD can import photos from your Dropbox account into a slideshow project. After adding photos , you can customize the slides with kinds of effects for watching on TV, or sharing on YouTube / Facebook, even back to Dropbox.

In the following guide, I will how to turn Dropbox photos into slideshow videos on iPhone with Photo Slideshow Director HD. This guide also works on iPad and iPod touch.

Create slideshow videos from Dropbox pictures

1. Launch Photo Slideshow Director on your iPad/ iPhone/ iPod touch, and create a new slideshow project. Download Link>>

2. Touch Photo icon, you will go to Albumswindow, which will list all the albums on your iPhone and other sources you can import photos, including take  instant photos to use and use  photos from Web Albums.

import photos

Choose web albums to import photos

3. Touch Web Albums icon and choose Dropbox from the web albums list.  Then enter your Dropbox login information, including Email and Password, touch Sign in. Then you can see all your Dropbox photo galleries.

import dropbox photos into slideshow app

Sign in dropbox to access to photos

4. Touch photos in Dropbox albums to download them to Photo Slideshow Director HD. All you can add them in batch with Add All icon.

5.  Now you can add background music from Music Library. The app enables you to add more than one songs. You can use the synchronization icon to sync slideshow to music.

add songs to slideshow

Add songs and use music slides synchronization

6. Until now, you can play and share the slideshow now. Because the app will apply random transitions, pan /zoom effects, theme once photos are imported.   Also you can customize transitions, pan /zoom effects and theme by yourself. Besides, you can add text, subtitles to narrate the slides, apply stickers and use the photo editor to optimize photos.

7. Save and share the Dropbox slideshow video.  You have  several options for choosing to share your Dropbox pictures as a slideshow video.

  • Save it to Camera Roll as a video(mp4 or mov)
  • Connect your iPhone/ iPad / iPod to TV via Airplay or cable and watch your dropbox photos on TV
  • Upload to Dropbox / YouTube / Facebook / SkyDrive directly for sharing with friends
  • Use the app WiFi transfer feature to transfer the slideshow to your computer
add effects for slides and share slideshows

Share slideshow


How to create a slideshow from Instagram photo gallery

It is easy to view Instagram photos on iPad and iPhone. However you may still  want to turn photos in Insgram into animated, musical slideshows for watching on TV, iPad/ iPhone, even sharing onto Facebook, YouTube and Dropbox.  Photo Slideshow Director HD is designed to meet your needs to view photos from different sources  in slideshows.

So how can Photo Slideshow Director HD use your photos in Instagram and convert them to a dynamic slides video? Actually it is very easy with this powerful slideshow app.

1. Launch Photo Slideshow Director HD on your iPad/ iPhone/ iPod touch.

2. Touch the Web Album icon and choose Instagram on its iPad version, for iPhone and iPod version, touch Photo icon and choose Instagram.

3. Enter your Insgram user name and password in the pop-up login window, then touch Sign In.

4. All  your Instagram photo ,the photos you like and the photos of your followers will be shown. Touch photos to download and add them into a slideshow project.

add instagram photos to photo slideshow app

Import photos from Insgram

5.  Import music for Music Library to the Insgram slides. You can add more than one songs as background music. Then use the Clock icon to sync slides to music.

6. Then your Instagram photo slides are ready to play. The app will  apply random transitions, pan / zoom effects and theme for your slides. If you like, you can choose these effects. Besides, you can add text  and subtitles, edit photos to customize the slideshow.

7. Share the Instagram photo slideshow in different ways. You can save it to Camera Roll or watch it on TV(1080p HD video) via Airplay or cable,  or upload to Facebook, YouTube, Dropbox and SkyDrive for sharing with friends.

Publish slideshow from instagram images

Share Insgram image slideshow

App Store Link>>

Slideshow Software for iPad, iPhone and iPod has been upgraded to 5.0 version

Is there an photo app which I can use on my iPhone / iPad / iPod touch, put my photos in, then get a dynamic slides video? Absolutely, Photo Slideshow Director HD is designed for iOS devices users to view and share their photos  in a creative way – musical slideshows. Before version 5.0, it is only compatible with iPad. However the new version 5.0 begins to support iPhone and iPod.


Requirements to use Photo Slideshow Director HD:

Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

What’s new  in this iOS slideshow app version 5.0:

It becomes a universal slideshow creator for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch( iPad compatible only for previous version).

Other attractive features of the iOS slideshow maker:

1. Create slideshows with photos from iPad albums, Picasa albums, Flickr albums, Facebook albums, Dropbox, SkyDrive and Instagram albums.

2. Kinds of transitions and pan / zoom effects avaible .

3. Add text and subtitles to narrate your stories .

4. Mutiple songs as background music to play with slides.

5. Sync slides and  music to make them play in pace.

6. Powerful photo editor for editing photos.

7. Drag and drop to arrange photo order,  or sort photos by name and date.

8. Loop or repeat  to play photos all the time.

9. Support viewing  photos as a 1080p HD video on HDTV, with the new iPad, iPad 4,iPad mini,iPhone 4S,iPhone5.

10. Stream a slideshow from iPad/ iPhone(iPad2, the new iPad,iPad 4,iPad Mini,iPhone 4S,iPhone 5) to TV via Airplay and Apple TV.

11. Output a slideshow video and directly upload to Facebook / YouTube / Dropbox / SkyDrive for sharing and storing.

12. Wirelessly transfer slideshows from iOS devices to PC.

Note: You only need to purchase the iOS photo app once, then you can install it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod devices.

Download Photo Slideshow Director HD  Now!

add photos from ipad albums

How to make photos from iPad Camera Roll into a video

Is there an app  for the iPad that let’s me take pictures from my camera roll and make it into a video?

The answer is: try Photo Slideshow Director HD.  It is a nice and powerful photo app for iPad to turn photos into a  dynamic slideshow video with kinds of effects. Of course, you can take pictures from iPad camera roll, besides, you can import photos from Flickr, Facebook, Picasa, Dropbox and other web albums.

Steps to make a photo video using Photo Slideshow Director HD.

1. Install and run Photo Slideshow Director HD on your iPad. Download Now>>

2. Add photos from iPad camera roll (or other albums), even web albums, like Picasa, Facebook, Flickr ,etc

add photos from ipad albums

Import photos

3.  Touch Music icon to add music to the video project.You can add more than one songs as background music.

Touch the clock icon,  you can sync video to music to make video time match music time.

music slideshow video

Add songs for video

4. Add effects for slideshow videos. The app can apply random transitions for between photos, you can touch the Transition icon(transitions for slides) to choose transitions.

Please touch the Edit icon to use other effects, such as photo editor, adding text and subtitles, customizing pan & zoom effects, arranging photo order and more.

add effects for slideshow video

add effects for videos

5. Touch the Play icon() to preview the video. If you are not satisfied with the video, you can go back to fix it.

6. Touch the Export icon() and choose a sharing option. You can save the video to iPad, or upload to Facebook/ YouTube/Dropbox/SkyDrive for sharing.