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How to use iPad photos and videos to make DVD slideshow

We all like to use iPhone/ iPad camera to keep the important moment of our daily life. How about using those photos and videos to make a vivid photo video slideshow, and burn them to DVD?

To do this, first we have to move photos and video from iPad to computer, then use some slideshow software to make them into stunning slideshow and burn them into DVD.

Here I want to show a very simple way to do the job. We need “Wireless Transfer App” and “Slideshow DVD Creator“.

Wireless Transfer App can help you transfer photos and video between iPhone/ iPad/ Windows/ Mac only using Wifi; Slideshow DVD Creator can help you make slideshow using photos, music and videos within minutes, and burn the slideshow into DVD with the built-in DVD burner.

1. Send iPad photos and videos to computer

Connect the iPad and computer to the same Wifi network, then download Wireless Transfer app to iPad. Tap on the icon to launch the app and get the address from the bottom of the interface.


Type the address into web browser of computer (Safari, Chrome etc), and get the transfer page.


Select the album and go to the photos/ videos list, there you can download the photos and videos to computer.

Now we have got the photos and videos on computer, next we can make them into slideshow.


2. Make photo video slideshow and burn into DVD

Download Slideshow DVD Creator to Mac, and install it. If have any difficulty, follow the instruction to install it : Install application on Mac.

Launch the application, we can drag & drop the photos and videos directly to the bottom panel of the application to add them. Or we can use the “Images” “Video” “Music” tab to select and add them.


After that, drag the videos or photos thumbnail to change the order. Music can also be added into slideshow as background music.

add song to slideshow
There are many other features, such as transition effect, Pan & Zoom effect, add text to photos, DVD title, DVD menu, theme and so on. The software can be downloaded for free, everyone interested can download to have a try.

add text on slideshow
Click the “Play” button to preview the slideshow. Before burn DVD, we can make settings about DVD video aspect and TV system:

dvd for tv setting
Finally insert DVD disc into Mac, and click “Burn DVD” button to start.





How to make a Christmas DVD photo slideshow

Next is about how to make a DVD photo slideshow for your Christmas. Whether you want to make your Christmas party more fun, or keep memory about your Christmas, it is good to make Christmas photos and fabulous music into slideshow, and make it into DVD for keeping.

Although we have Christmas every year, but each one is different. Photos can keep record of growth experience and the happy hours. And it’s really simple to make your own Christmas DVD photo slideshow.

Here we will use Slideshow DVD Mac.

You can download the software for free from : . After you launch the software on your Mac, click the “Images” button to add your Christmas photos.

Drag & drop the photos into the software directly to add them. After that, you can drag them to change order.

And Slideshow DVD Creator has prepared many transition effects for you. You can select to determine how your photos will display.


Just click the button between photos, the transition effect list will appear. You can set different effect for each photo, or one for all photos.

Also there are display time for each photo and transition effect. You can also make change of them.

Next, you can add music to slideshow by clicking the “Music” button next to “Images”.

For best Christmas songs, please go to: Best 20 Christmas songs.


You can add more than one music for one slideshow.

Click the “Theme” button to choose theme for your slideshow.


You can also insert blank image, sync slideshow & music, set Pan & Zoom effect for your photo etc for your slideshow. Here we won’t explain in detail. You can download the free software to have a try by yourself.

If you are done with the slideshow, click the “Play” button to have a preview of the slideshow.

Next set “DVD Menu” for your Christmas photo slideshow. Here is a “NO MENU” option for you, if you don’t want to use any menu theme.

And you can even set DVD background music by the “Select Music…” button.


Finally insert a DVD disc into your Mac, and click “Burn DVD” button to burn it. Or you can flower step below to burn your DVD.


Now your Christmas DVD photo slideshow is ready. Play it through DVD player or others.


christmas DVD slideshowdownload pdf

How to trim the length of music for your slideshow

When making slideshows using still photos, it’s a good option to add some songs to be the background music, and it’s will be better if the song is suitable with the theme which the slideshow wants to express. Sometimes people may want to trim the length of the songs they are using, so it fits better with the photos; and perhaps you may also want just use a part of the song which you like best.

Using the DVD Photo Slideshow, you can do it very easily. DVD photo slideshow is a slideshow-making tool, you can use it to make slideshow in minutes, and encode it to mov/ mp4 or other video format; burn slideshow to DVD/ VCD or upload it to Facebook/ Youtube/ myspace directly.

Also it has many other fabulous functions, if you are interested, you can go to : to find more about the software.

Here, I will not show you how to make a slideshow step by step, but how to trim the length of the songs before you add it as background music for your slideshow.

First, download and install the software to your computer. Notice that the download is free, so download to have a try freely.

It will show you three steps to make slideshow : 1. Organize photos; 2. Choose menus; 3. Burn disc. Just follow the step to make your own slideshow.

Second, in the left “Album” panel, you can click the “New” to create new project. And select the folder which contains the photos you want to use, then drag & drop them into your new album from right top panel.


You can add far more than 5 photos like I did here.

Third, go to “Transition & Music” tab. Here you can select transition effect for your photos, and set duration time for both your photos and transition effects. Of course, here you can manage your music.

In the “Background music” box, there will be a default.mp3 music for you, you can keep it or delete it to add your own music.


Forth, After you added your own music, click the “Trim” button, then a dialogue will pop up.


Here you can trim your audio file according to your need. After that, you can set the duration for your photos and transition effects to make them fit.




Trim music lengthdownload pdf










How to play a video slideshow on TV endlessly

Can I create a video slideshow and burn it to DVD, and make the slideshow play on TV endlessly?

Playing a slideshow with music, transitions, pan / zoom is the trend of sharing and viewing pictures. No matter on a birthday party or wedding ceremony, a slideshow can boost the atmosphere of celebration.  In this article, I would like to share how to set a video slideshow to make it play on TV in a loop endlessly.

To play a video slideshow on TV, you may need to copy it onto a DVD. If you have an iPad(or iPhone, iPod), you can airplay a slideshow on TV from iOS device.

1. Make a  slideshow DVD and repeat it on TV


DVD Photo Slideshow allows you easily create a video slideshow with your own pictures and music, and burn it to DVD. Most importantly, it is available to set a slideshow to play repeatedly.

Step1. Import photos and personalize your slideshow with kinds of effects

Add your photos and music into the program, customize the video slideshow with transitions, texts, pan & zoom effects, theme and more.  The software provides over 300 transitions, various themes for choosing.

Step2. Select a DVD menu and set the slideshow looping option

Click DVD Menus tab and choose a menu for your DVD. You can customize the menu with background image and music, etc.

To loop the video slideshow, you need to do as follows.

Click “Menu Navigator”, in “DVD Menu Navigator” area, check use “DVD menu”, and select “play current album repeatedly” from “After playing over current album”

After selecting the “play current album repeatedly“, the DVD slideshow  will play in a continuously loop on TV or DVD player.

create looping tv slideshow

select play current album repeated

Step3. Burn the slideshow to DVD and play it on TV in a loop

Switch to “Burn Disc” tab, select “DVD Video Disc” as the output format, and click  “Burn Now” to burn the looping slideshow to DVD.

After burning is finished, you can play the looping slideshow DVD

2. Make a looping slideshow and airplay it to TV from iPad

With an iPad / iPhone / iPod,  you can use Photo Slideshow Director HD to make a looping slideshow, then stream it to TV via Airplay.

The slideshow software for iOS devices enables you to  create a stunning slideshow within minutes. Import your photos and music into the app, customize it with transitions, pan / zoom effects, theme, text and other effects.  Then a slideshow is ready to present.

To make a looping slideshow on iPad, you just need to turn on a switch.

loop slideshow on tv

Learn step-by-step guide to play the looping slideshow on TV

How do photographers use DVD Photo Slideshow

As a photographer, you may be a master of  taking nice pictures. However, you should also know how to share and showcase your masterpieces with clients and friends. In the following, lets’ learn how to use DVD Photo Slideshow to show your photographs and wow your clients and audience .

slideshow dvd for photographer

What photographers are saying:

1. I am wedding photographer. Every time I send wedding slideshow DVDs to my customers, they give me positive feedback. Their good comments make my business better and better. Thanks to developers of DVD Photo Slideshow.

This is an email from one of customers who is working in wedding slideshow DVD.

2. DVD Photo Slideshow is an awesome slideshow maker. I am a  freelance photographer. In my free time, I would like to capture every beauty with my camera. Then I share my favorites photographs with friends and family. The program works well, I use it to make slideshow DVDs for watching on TV with family. Besides making photo DVD, I use it to create videos and publish to YouTube and Facebook for sharing with friends. My slideshows can always wow friends and family.

3.  Every single of my clients is excited about the slideshow , they end up sharing the slideshows with their friends and family.  That makes me fulfilled.

Why use DVD Photo Slideshow

1. Unlimited photos: Make slideshow DVDs or video slideshows with as many pictures as you like. There is no photo number limitation.

2.  HD quality: Burn photos onto DVD with various effects at high quality, your photos will look great when being displayed on big-screen TV with a DVD player.

3. Easy steps to produce video slideshows: You can create a stunning slideshow with the program. Three easy steps to make a slideshow DVD – Add photos and videos, select a DVD menu and burn slideshow to DVD or output a video.

4.  Multiple songs in a slideshow: Merge several songs in a slideshow presentation to tell a story using photos and songs.

5. Kinds of slideshow effects: Personalize slideshows with dynamic transitions and pan & zoom effects, texts, subtitles, art-clips, etc.


How to burn photos & videos to DVD for playing on TV

What is the best program to burn my digital photos & videos to a DVD that will play on any TV with a DVD player?

Have many pictures and video clips for sharing with friends and family? Now you can make a slideshow DVD with your digital photos & videos, and play it on TV or DVD player. In this tutorial, I will show you how to use DVD Photo Slideshow to convert photos to a slideshow with music, and burn the photo slideshow and videos onto a DVD for playing on TV.

Free Download DVD Photo Slideshow

1. Add photos and videos

Drag your photos and videos into DVD Photo Slideshow. Photos and videos will be in different albums. If you like, you can divide photos into several albums according to your photos type. For example put photos taken in a party in the Party album and photos taken during vacation in Vacation album. You can organize photo order and video order by dragging and dropping.

add videos and  photos

Note:  DVD Photo Slideshow only supports avi video, so before adding videos, you need to convert videos to avi format. You can use our Clone2go Video Converter Free Version to convert. Please select avi from Profile drop-down list, and select msmpeg4v2 as the video codec.

free video converter

2. Personalize your photo slideshow

After adding your photos, you can customize the photo slideshow with your own style. You can select dynamic transitions and pan / zoom effects, choose a theme, add text and subtitles on photos, etc. Also you can use your own music as the slideshow background.

3. Choose a DVD menu

Click Choose Menus tab to choose a DVD menu from various templates.  After selecting a menu template, you can add background music and image for the menu, edit menu title and visibility, set navigator and preview the real effect of the video and photo slideshow DVD.

Before burning photos and videos onto DVD, you’d better preview the real effect. Select Preview tab in Choose Menus and click the Play button.

choose dvd menu

4. Burn photos and videos to DVD

Click Burn Disc  tab, and select  DVD Video Disc from Output Format drop-down list. Before burning, you need to set some parameters, including DVD/ CD File System, TV System, DVD / CD Recorder Options.

DVD / CD File System: Set Volume Label, Publish and Copyright text.

TV System: Select TV system from PAL and NTSC( PAL is used in European and Asian countries. NTSC is used throughout North / South America and Japan), select TV Aspect Ratio Correct from 4:3 and 16:9

DVD Recorder Options: Select Record Speed, DVD copies and others.

Finally, click Burn Disc button, the program will begin to burn the slideshow with photos and videos to TV.

burn photos and videos to disc


How to make a looping slideshow DVD for playing on TV

I have lots of photos and want to play them (with captions ) like a slideshow on giant TV screen in a loop. But my issue is that when the slide show gets to the end, it doesn’t loop and I don’t see the option there so I need to look for another solution.

This tutorial is about how to create a slideshow DVD with photos and videos using DVD Photo Slideshow, then play your pictures and videos on TV in a loop with a DVD player.

DVD Photo Slideshow is a professional slideshow DVD burner and video slideshow creator. You can  use it to make a looping slideshow DVD with background music, theme, text, DVD menu and more for playing on TV or DVD player. Also you can save a image slideshow for YouTube, Facebook, iPad, iPhone, Android device, etc.


1.  Import photos and personalize a slideshow

Click Organize Photos tab,  you can see five sub-tabs:  Album Photo,  Transition & Music, Album Theme and Album Preview. Drag you photos and music into DVD Photo Slideshow. You can customize it with text,  transitions, pan / zoom effects, art-clips, subtitles, etc. According to your needs, you can set the time for each photo and transition.

Import photos to video maker

2. Choose a DVD menu

Click DVD Menus tab to select a menu for your DVD slideshow.  Also you can add background music and background image for a selected DVD menu, edit menu title and visibility, etc.

To make the slideshow DVD play in a continuously loop, you need do as follows:

Click “Menu Navigator”, in “DVD Menu Navigator” area, check use “DVD menu”, and select “play current album repeatedly” from “After playing over current album”

After selecting the “play current album repeatedly”, the DVD slideshow  will play in a continuously loop on TV or DVD player.

create looping tv slideshow

select play current album repeated

3. Burn a slideshow onto DVD

Click Burn Disc tab, you can insert a DVD disk into your computer and  burn the slideshow onto DVD.  You can burn a slideshow to DVD-R / RW, DVD+R / RW, CD-R/RW.

To play a DVD slideshow on TV, you need to select  suitable TV System: PAL or NTSC.  PAL is used in European and Asian countries while NTSC is used throughout North / South America and Japan.

After selecting DVD / CD recorder and setting parameters, click Burn Disc button to burn a slideshow onto DVD.

burn slideshow to dvd for tv

burn slideshow to dvd