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Add video clips for your slideshow

When search slideshow online, I found that a lot of people are asking “how to add video clips to slideshow”. Adding video clips to slideshow can help make the slideshow more vivid, and show the memorable moment with others.

We have showed many times about how to make slideshows with photos and music using Slideshow DVD Creator, which has featured many fabulous functions can help create professional-looking slideshows within minutes even by one who has little background knowledge of slideshow.

Now Slideshow DVD Creator has a new feature which supports adding videos clips into slideshow the same as photos and music.

Let’s see how to create a slideshow using video clips:

1. Download Slideshow DVD Creator to your Mac computer and launch it. Slideshow DVD Creator is a Mac application, and if you also want to create do the same thing in Windows, there we have DVD Photo Slideshow.

run mac slideshow dvd creator

2. In the far left panel, there we have “Images” “Video” and “Music” buttons. Click the button, then we can select photos, music or videos from folders which appear in the left.

Of course, there is a simpler way to add videos or others into application. We can drag & drop the video files directly into the bottom panel to add them. Of course, not all video files can be added, you can only add mp4, mov and other formats which are supported by Apple.

add-videosVideos, music and photos can be added into the same project.

add-photos-videosNext, drag them directly in the panel to change order.

3. To change order of the music files, click the Play icon in the bottom, then change order in the popping-up dialogue.

add-video-clips-slideshow14. The duration of photos, the background music, the transition effects can also be set.

Click “Options” button, then you can set time in “Slideshow settings”. We can also make slideshow and music synchronized in the “Music” tab.

add-video-clips-slideshow2Now, you can click the “Play” button to view the slideshow to see if it meets your need.

Of course, there are more good features you can use to make the slideshow more beautiful. The trial version is free to download, and the only difference between the free trial version and the paid full version is the 36 photos limitation, so you can have a full taste of the application before purchase.

5. Next you can choose to burn the slideshow into DVD by clicking the “Burn DVD” button.

Very simple. Have a try by yourself.






Produce HD Video Slideshows on MacBook Pro

Slideshow can be  a good choice no matter you want to present photos on Wedding reception,  birthday party or family reunion. If you are are going to give a speech or presentation at a business meeting,  a slideshow will wow your audience. To make a HD slideshow, you need to use professional slideshow program. In this article, I will introduce an awesome slideshow maker for MacBook Pro – HD Slideshow Maker.

HD Slideshow Maker makes sure your images present in the best quality. You can add several songs to your slideshow presentation and use its synchronization to make music and photos play in perfect pace. You can surely enjoy and share your photos in a stunning slideshow with its ability to apply transitions, add text, choose theme and more.

System Requirements: OS X 10.7 or later,64-bit processor

Key features of HD Slideshow Maker

  • Simple slideshow software with user-friendly interface
  • Automatically apply transitions, also support changing transitions manually
  • Support multiple songs as background music, slides and music synchronization
  • Provide various themes and enables you to choose a background image
  • Add texts to describe photos and your slideshow
  • Set time for slides and transitions flexibly
  • Drag and drop to add and arrange photos
  • Provide HD 1080p and 720p video resolution
  • Upload slideshow to Facebook and YouTube directly
  • Present photos on HDTV in 1920×1080 video format
create hd slideshow on macbook

slideshow sharing on MacBook

Import your photos and music from hard drive to HD Slideshow Maker, a slideshow is finished. Also you can change the transitions, choose a theme and select a beautiful background image, add text to describe the special meaning  of photos. Then it is ready to view and share your musical slideshow.

View your photo slideshow on MacBook Pro:

Move the cursor to Play button and tap the trackpad to view the slideshow on your MacBook Pro. The best picture quality and retina display will give you a cool experience.

Output the slideshow as a HD video and watch it on HDTV:

Most HDTV has USB port and supports 1080p video, save the slideshow to your MacBook and transfer it to a USB drive, then plug the USB drive into your HDTV to showcase the fantastic slideshow to all people on TV.

Upload slideshow to Facebook and YouTube:

Wanna share your photo slideshow to the world?  After customizing the slideshow,  tap the Share button and choose YouTube or Facebook, then sign in your YouTube / Facebook account to publish the slideshow to YouTube or Facebook for sharing.

How to loop your photo slideshow on Mac

Slideshow is a great way to present and share your photos.  With HD Slideshow Maker, you can easily create a slideshow with your favorite photographs. It enables you to convert digital photos to a slideshow with music, text, theme, transitions, pan / zoom effects and more. However in some particular occasions, you may hope to loop a slideshow , such as presenting a slideshow in family reunion.

To create a looping slideshow on Mac with HD Slideshow Maker

1. Launch HD Slideshow Maker on your Mac

2. Import photos and customize the slideshow with music, transitions, theme, text and more

3. Click HD Slideshow Maker next to Apple icon on the left top of your Mac screen and select Preferences…

4. Then you can see the pop-up Options window, tick Repeat slideshow at the end under Slideshow settings area

5. Click OK button to confirm the setting

create looping slideshow on mac

Check “Repeat slideshow at the end”

HD Slideshow Maker for Mac Intro

HD Slideshow Maker is designed to create slideshows from digital photos. It has all the features you need to make a HD stunning slideshow.  It enables you to create slideshows with music, transitions, pan / zoom, text, theme and more. After customizing a slideshow, you can save it and play it on your HDTV, or upload to Facebook and YouTube for sharing with friends. Step-by-step guide

Download Free Version Now


How to create a slideshow and burn it to DVD on Mac

You have a lot of pictures on your Mac computer and want to watch these pictures on TV or DVD player with music and transitions. Then you may need to make a slideshow DVD. In this article, I will show you how to create a slideshow from your photos and burn it to DVD.

1. Create a slideshow with your images on Mac

To create a slideshow, we recommend HD Slideshow Maker, which is a professional slideshow maker for Mac. It can create a HD slideshow with music, transitions, theme and encode the slideshow to a movie file. Also you can upload the slideshow movie to Facebook and YouTube directly.

mac slideshow app
HD Slideshow Maker is a very easy-to-use software. You just need to add photos and music to the app, choose an album theme, sync slideshow to music. A slideshow is finished. The software will automatically apply transitions to photos. Also you can arrange transitions by clicking the Transition icon between photo thumbnails.

Then click Share icon and choose Movie File/HDTV to save the slideshow as a video on Mac hard drive.  Also you can upload the slideshow to YouTube and Facebook directly.

slideshow software for mac

HD Slideshow Maker

2. Burn a slideshow DVD on Mac

For Mac with Snow Leopard to Mountain Lion without iDVD, you can use Burn to burn the slideshow made in step1 to DVD. Burn is a Free DVD Burner for Mac OS X which can be an alternative of iDVD.

Burn is a simple DVD burner for Mac. Import the slideshow to Burn, it will convert slideshow format to a compatible mpg, then burn it to DVD easily.

dvd burner for mac


If your Mac is pre-installed with iDVD, you can use iDVD to burn the slideshow to DVD. Apple does not include iDVD in new Mac from Snow Leopard. So if your Mac is with 10.5 version OS X(Leopard) or lower, iDVD will be a good choice to burn a slideshow to DVD.

How to make a YouTube slideshow video on Mac and upload it to YouTube

Are you struggling how to make a YouTube video on Mac computer? People may say: “I have Windows Movie Maker on my Windows computer and Photo Slideshow Director HD on my iPad, they both can help me create a successful YouTube video. Then what is a good YouTube slideshow video maker I can use to create a YouTube video on Mac and upload it to YouTube?”

HD Slideshow Maker for Mac is a slideshow video maker which can easily turn your pictures into a YouTube video with music, transitions,theme. Then you can upload the video to YouTube and Facebook directly, or save it as a video on your Mac.

hd slideshow maker download

How to create a YouTube slideshow video on Mac

With HD Slideshow Maker, you can make a YouTube video in three minutes.

create youtube video on mac

youtube video maker for mac

1. Import photos to the slideshow maker and arrange photo order. Click “Add Photos” to locate and import to HD Slideshow Maker from Mac.  Click tab “Arrange”, then drag and drop to arrange photo order.

2. Add background music. Click “Add Music” , you can add more than one songs as video background music.

3. Sync slideshow to music. To keep slideshow and music play in pace, you can use the “Sync” button

sync slideshow to music

Use Sync button to sync video to music

4. Choose and customize a slideshow theme. HD Slideshow Maker provides various slideshow themes for choosing, also it enables you to customize a selected theme with a beautiful  image.

choose a theme for youtube video

Click “Theme” to choose a theme

5. Choose transitions for slides. The software can automatically apply random transitions to slides once photos are imported. If you want to change transitions, click the “Transition” icon and click transitions you like to apply them.

slideshow transitions

Choose slideshow transitions

How to upload a slideshow video to YouTube from Mac

After customizing the slideshow video, you can upload the video to YouTube directly.

Click “Share” button and choose “YouTube”, then sign in your YouTube account and upload the slideshow video to YouTube for sharing with friends. Also you can write title, description and tags for the video, so people can search for it easily.

post mac video to youtube

Upload a video to YouTube from Mac

Download HD Slideshow Maker Free Version>>

Slideshow software advice on creating New Year photo slideshow with music

2013 New Year is around the corner. It is time to recall what you have done in the past year and make a plan for the coming year. To recall the major events, it is a good idea to create a New Year slideshow with meaningful photos taken in the past year, and add some text to describe the photos. In this article, I will show you how to create a New Year slideshow to celebrate the coming 2013 New Year.

To create a New Year Slideshow, you can use different slideshow software depending on your device and need.

1. Make  New Year Photo Slideshow DVD and photo video on PC

If you want create a slideshow on your Windows computer or make a slideshow DVD, DVD Photo Slideshow is the best choice. With its powerful features, it absolutely can create an attractive photo slideshow with music, transitions, pan&zoom, theme and more effects.

Besides powerful features, the most conspicuous feature is simple operation. Three steps to make a New Year Slideshow DVD: Organize Photos, Choose Menus and Burn Disc.

Download and Free try:

dvd photo slideshow

2. Create New Year Photo Slideshow on iPad

If you have an iPad, Photo Slideshow Director HD can be a good choice to create kinds of slideshows. It has all the features to create a fantastic photo slideshow, such as its 3D transitions effects, music and slides time synchronization, beautiful themes, and etc.

iPad slideshow app

Besides, it supports web albums, including Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, Instagram, Dropbox and Skydrive. So you can use photos in these web albums to create a slideshow.

Another feature all users like is its photo editor. It enables you to fix and apply filter effects to photos, then save photos to iPad Photo Library.

Finally, it provides multiple ways to share finished photo slideshow, including watch slideshows on iPad and HDTV, upload slideshows to Facebook, YouTube, Dropbox and Skydrive, even wireless transfer slideshows to PC.

ipad slideshow app for new year slideshow

3. Create New Year Slideshow on Mac

If you have a Mac computer, we recommend HD Slideshow Maker for you. It enables you to create 1080p videos with your photos for watching on TV, or upload photo slideshow video to Facebook  and YouTube directly.

HD slideshow maker for new year slideshowmac new year slideshow


How to create a slideshow on Mac with HD Slideshow Maker

Wanna present and share your photos as an eye-catching slideshow with music and transitions on Mac? In this article, I will introduce a decent slideshow maker for Mac –  HD Slideshow Maker. Also I will show you how to make a HD video slideshow from pictures with music, transitions, pan / zoom effects, text and more effects on your Mac computer.

With HD Slideshow Maker, you can easily and quickly convert digital photos to an amazing musical slideshow. Then you can watch the slideshow on your Mac computer or TV for viewing photos in an interesting way. Also you can  upload a photo slideshow to Facebook and YouTube for sharing with friends.


Make HD Slideshows on Mac With HD Slideshow Maker

Step 1. Import Photos to HD Slideshow

Click “Add Photos” to  import photos to the software for your Mac computer. You can see the  thumbnails of photos imported at the bottom of the screen.

To arrange the photos order, click “Arrange” icon, then drag photos to the place where you want to put.

slideshow software for mac

Import photos

Step 2. Add music to slideshow and organize music

A silent slideshow is just like a silent movie.  You can add more than one songs as background music.

To “Sync” icon enables you to sync slideshow time with music time, so they can play in pace with each other.

sync slideshow and music time

Sync time

HD Slideshow Maker enables  you to organize songs added.Click the green music bar at the bottom , then you can see “The list of background music” window. Use correct buttons to play music, add or delete songs and arrange song order.

manage slideshow music

organize music in slideshow


Step 3. Choose a slideshow theme

Click “Theme” to choose a theme for your slideshow. The software provides kinds of themes for choosing. Also you can customize a theme with a beautiful image. The theme will make your slideshow eye-catching.

Step 4. Change transitions effects

Once photos are imported, they will be applied random transitions. However, you can change them by clicking the transition icon between photos (like dice). Among all the transitions, what most fascinating transitions are the 3 D transitions.

apply transitons to slideshow

Change transition effects

Step 5. Set time duration for slides and transition

Make sure HD slideshow Maker is the current running app, click HD slideshow Maker from the top of your screen(next to Apple icon) and select “Preference”, in the Options window, you can set time for photos and transitions. Tick the “Repeat slideshow at the end” to loop the slideshow.

In the Output settings area, you can locate the slideshow’s path and choose video’s format from MP4 or MOV.

slideshow setting on mac

set slideshow


Step 6. Play the slideshow

Before exporting the slideshow, you can preview the effect by clicking “Play” button. If you are not satisfied with it, go back to make changes. Or else, go to next step.

Step 7. Save and Share the photo slideshow

Click “Share” icon, you can save and share the slideshow. You can save it as a video to your Mac computer, or upload it to YouTube and Facebook directly for sharing.

To play the slideshow on your HDTV , you can copy the video outputted to a USB drive, then plug the USB drive into your  HDTV USB port to play the slideshow.

create slideshow on mac

Save and share a slideshow

Download HD Slideshow Maker free>>