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How to create a video from photos

Wanna turn your photos into a professional video? This tutorial will show you how to create a stunning video from photos with music, transitions and more effects.

Maybe you are sick of sharing still photos with friends. Now you can convert your digital photos to a stunning musical video for publishing on YouTube, Facebook, or watching on iPad, iPhone or Android device, etc. With Photo to Video Converter Professional, it has been never so easier to make a video from pictures.


Steps to make a video from pictures

Step1. Add photos into video maker

Launch Photo to Video Converter Professional on your computer, and click Album Photo tab. You can drag photos to this area directly from your PC or use the Add and Add All button. There are simple photo editing options you can use, such as rotating, adjusting brightness/ contrast, adding text and art clips.

Import photos to video maker

Add and edit photos

Step2. Select transitions and add music for video

Go to tab Transition & Music to add background music and select transitions for all slides. The video maker allows you to add more than one songs or part of  a song by trimming music. Also you can sync slideshow to music to make slideshow time match music duration. In Transition effects group, there are over 300 transitions for choosing. The software can automatically apply transitions between all slides. To change the transition, select it and double-click a transition you like to change it.

transitions and music for video

Select transitions and add music

Step3. Choose a video theme

Switch to Album Theme tab, you can select a theme for your video from the theme templates. Also it allows you to add titles at the beginning and credits in the end.

Step4. Preview a video

After customizing a video, you can preview it to check if it is satisfying before publishing. Go to Album Preview tab and play the video.

Step5. Output a video

Finally, you can output the video for saving and sharing.  Click Video Output tab to select a video output format. Photo to Video Converter Professional supports all popular video formats, including including mp4, flv, mov, avi, mkv, mpeg, h.264, h.264 HD, 3gp, 3gpp2, swf.

After selecting an output format, click  Create Now! button to begin creating the video.

create photo video

output a video


Photo to Video Converter Professional Review

professional photo video makerPhoto to Video Converter Professional is a photo video maker. It can convert your digital photos to a stunning video playable on YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, iPod, iPad, iPhone, Archos, PSP, Zune.  Its multiple output formats enables you to save the video in various popular formats, including mp4, flv, mov, avi, mkv, mpeg, h.264, h.264 HD, 3gp, 3gpp2, swf. To make eye-catching videos from pictures, it can be a decent choice with kinds of transitions, pan / zoom, album themes, art-clips , etc. You can also add text on photos to describe your video and express your feelings. No matter you want to create wedding photo videos, birthday photo videos, graduation photo videos, or any other kinds of videos with your photos, it will not disappoint you.

Download Photo to Video Converter Pro trial version free

(18.2 MB )

Key features of Photo to Video Converter Professional

1. A professional software to make videos from pictures

2. It is an easy-to-use video maker with user-friendly interface

3. Provides various transitions and pan / zoom effects

4. Adding and editing text on photos is available to describe videos

5. Allow users to add or import art-clips to decorate photos

6. Support music adding, slideshow and music synchronization

7. Allow to ripper or record songs as video background music

8. Kinds of album themes are available for choosing for videos

9. Multiple video outputs for saving videos in different formats

How to convert photos to a video with Photo to video Converter Pro

1. Click Album Photo tab and drag photos to main screen from your computer hard drive, or use the Add and Add All button to import photos. Then you can rotate photos, adjust brightness and contrast. Select a photo and click Text button  to add text on photos.

add photos to photo video maker

Add photos

2. Click Transition & Music, you can select transitions from over 300 and add background music for your video. The software enables you to trim your songs, so you can use part of the songs as background music.  In the right Album Setting area, you can set time for slide and transitions duration. You can even specify time for each photo and transition.  To sync slideshow to music, click the music icon next to Audio duration box.

customize video transtions and music

select transitions and add music for video

3. Go to Album Theme tab, you can choose a theme for the video, there are many beautiful themes for choosing, such as wedding themes, graduation themes, birthday themes, Christmas themes and more. If you do not want to use a theme, just select the first one(No theme). Check Title at the beginning and Credits in the end, you can enter titles and credits for the video.

choose theme for video

choose a theme for video

4. Click Album Preview tab to preview the video before outputting.

5. Switch to Video Output tab, click Output Format drop-down list and select a video format, such as MPEG Movie, then specify output folder and set parameters for the video.

Finally, click Create Now! to output the video.

output a photo video

create a video


photo video software

Photo to Video Converter Free Software Review

photo video software

If you are searching for a  Free software which can convert your photos to a video, Socusoft Photo to Video Converter Free Version might be a good choice. It can convert your photos to MPEG(.mpg) videos with music and  transitions in minutes.

download-dvd-photo-slideshow(Size: 8.1 MB)

Learn about Photo to Video Converter Pro(with more features)

Key features of Photo to Video Converter Free

1. Easy-to-use for turning your photos into a slideshow video

2. Kinds of transitions, pan &zoom effects

3. Create video with background music

4. Export photo slideshow to .mpg videos for sharing to Facebook and YouTube

About Photo to Video Converter Free Version

Photo to Video Converter Free Version can create dynamic slideshow videos with your favorite photos. You can apply kinds of transitions and pan&zoom effects for your videos. Also you can add songs as background music for your videos. Then save photos slideshow to a MPEG video.

With this software, you can create different kinds of photo videos to share your photos, such as birthday photo videos, wedding photo videos, Christmas photo celebration videos and so forth.  Also you can create videos for YouTube, Facebook for sharing with friends and family.

downloadDownload Photo to Video Professional Version


downloadDownload Photo to Video Free Version


 What can you do with Photo to Video Converter Free Version?

View and share your photos in an interesting way. Showing photos in slideshows will give people a fresh feel.  Photo to video Converter Free Version is designed to convert hundreds of photos to a video with music.

Create videos for sharing on Facebook and YouTube. After a vacation or holiday, you must have many photos to share with friends, Facebook and YouTube should be the best places you want to share photos. Before sharing, you can turn your photos into a video with Photo to Video Converter Free Version,  for  people will be willing to watch your photo slideshows.

photo to slideshow video free software

 Difference between Professional Version and Free Version

1. Photo editing feature is available on Professional version while it is not available on Free Version.

2. Professional Version provides many theme templates for choosing. However free version has no theme templates available.

3. Professional Version provides multiple video output formats, such as mp4, flv, mov, avi, mkv, mpeg , h.264 HD, 3gp, 3gpp2, swf. And Free Version only supports MPEG-1 formats.

Make a video slideshow DVD

Photo to Video Converter  only allows you to convert photos to video. If you want to make a slideshow DVD for playing on TV or DVD player, you need to use DVD Photo Slideshow. The program is designed to create both slide show DVD and photo video.

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