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How to restore the sidebar in iTunes11

If you are used to the sidebar of iTunes 10, you will find that it is inconvenient to use iTunes 11 with the long-standing left sidebar essentially replaced by a set of drop-down menus. For example, you can not even see your iPhone / iPhone in iTuns without sidebar,So how to get the sidebar back to iTunes 11?

Open iTunes 11 on your computer, and click View from the upper-top menu bar, then click Show Sidebar from the list under View menu. Now the Sidebar has been shown as picture 2.

Also you can use the shortcut key, open iTunes 11, then press Ctrl+S to enable sidebar.

bring back sidebar in itunes11

Click view and check show sidebar

ITune 11 with sidebar screenshot:

enable itunes11 sidebar

iTunes 11 with sidebar

If you hide the sidebar in iTunes 11, please click View from the menu bar, then click Hide Sidebar from the list under View menu. Or you can use shortcut key Ctrl+S to hide the sidebar.

hide itunes 11 side bar

Click View and check hide sidebar

How to create HTML5 videos and embed to websites

I embed a video to my website and it works well on PC when browsing with Firefox, IE, Chrome . But it does not show on my iPad and iPhone. What does cause the problem and how to fix it?

Many videos are shown through plug-ins(like flash), however different browsers may have different plug-ins. With the development of HTML5, HTML5 video is becoming the new  way to show videos online. iPad, iPhone, Android, all new browsers is compatible with HTML5 videos. HTML5 defines a new element which specifies a standard way to embed a video/movie on a web page: the <video> element.

To embed a video to your website as a HTML5  video format, you need to convert the video to HTML video first. HTML5 video player is designed to convert any videos to HTML5 video formats.

Why should I convert videos to HTML video formats?

1. No plug-in is needed to view videos. Almost all popular browsers supports HTML5, so you do not need to install any plug-ins(such as Flash Player, SilverLight, QuickTime) to play videos in any browsers. Your videos will be displayed well on all popular browsers, like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE9, Opera, and etc.

2. HTML5 video is compatible with iOS, Andriod and Windows.  You do not need to worry that the videos do not play on your iPad, iPhone and Andriod devices. HTML5 is compatible well with iPhone, iPad, iPod, BlackBerry, Samsung, etc.

How to convert any videos to HTML5 video formats with HTML5 Video Player

1. Open HTML Video Player on your computer

2. Drag or add videos into the program

3. Choose a video player theme

4. Click Publish to convert the video to HTML5 video format

5. Open the output folder, you can see the generated 4 folders, 1 html page and 1 css file

create html5 videos

html video output folder

How to embed a HTML5 video to your website

1. Copy all generated files to your website directory.

1. Open the outputted html page(html5video.html) with text/page editor(like DreamWeaver), you can see the code as below.

2. Open your web page in Dreamweaver. Copy the first part(marked with yellow color) code and paste it to the head section of the page(ahead of </head>). Paste the second marked code to the body section of the page.

3. Save the page and preview your page, you can see the video on the page.

embed html video to website

embed html5 video to website

 Learn More about HTML5 Video Player>>


How to create a YouTube video slideshow online free

YouTube has the feature which enables you to convert your pictures to YouTube videos. With this feature, you do not need to download any software to make video slideshows for YouTube. In this article, let’s learn how to create a video slideshow on YouTube from photos.

1. You need to sign in your YouTube account to start making a YouTube slideshow.

2. After signing in, click the Upload button on top next to search bar. Then you can see the Select files to upload window. At the right side of the window, Create videos area is there.

create slideshow on youtube

Click Upload and Choose Create slideshow

3. Click Create button for Photo slideshow in Create videos area.

4. Then it will pop up a Select the photos for your slideshow window,showing your pictures in Google Picasa albums. You can select photos from 2 sources: Picasa Albums and your computer. Click photos to choose them, then click the Select button at the bottom to import Picasa photos to YouTube.

To use your photos in computer hard drive, Click Upload photos at the left side to locate photos and add them.

selct photos for youtube slideshow

select photos for youtube slideshow

5. After selecting photos, you will come to Rearrange photos window. Here you can drag and drop to rearrange photo order. To delete photos, put the mouse over the photo, the X mark will appear at the upper right of the photo. Click the X to delete photos one by one. If you want to add more photos, click the Add more photos, you will go back to Select the photos fro your slideshow window to import photo again.

arrange youtube slides order

arrange photos order for youtube slideshow

5. Then click Next at the right bottom to switch to Edit Settings window. In this section, you can set slides duration,slide effect (pan & zoom effect or none) and choose transitions. At the right side, you can choose a track provided by YouTube as the slideshow background .

set effects for youtube slideshow

set youtube slideshow

6. To view the effect, click the play icon to preview it. If you are satisfied with it, click the Upload button to create the slideshow and upload it to YouTube. In the Upload video files window, you can see the uploading process,  also you can type title, description, tags for the slideshow.

After uploading is finished, you can click the link to view it. YouTube also allows you to share the slideshow, embed it to your websites. Until now, you have finished creating a slideshow and share it on YouTube.

upload slideshow to youtube and write title and description

upload slideshow to youtube and write title and description

You can create YouTube slideshows easily by following the instructions above. However, you can not add text and descriptions for each slide, or save it on your iPad / PC .  To make a professional slideshow and post it to YouTube, you may need professional slideshow maker. Learn more>>

How to set a picture as wallpaper on iPad

Wanna set a beautiful picture or your own photo as the wallpaper or lock screen paper for your iPad ? If you feel tired of a single wallpaper, you can read this tutorial to change any pictures you like as your iPad wallpaper.

1. Tap Settings icon from iPad screen

2. Tap Brightness & Wallpaper in Settings window, then you can see Brightness & Wallpaper will appear at the right side

set picture as wallpaper for ipad

3. Tap the iPad thumbnail in Wallpaper area, you will see all your iPad albums and iPad pre-installed wallpapers

4. Choose one album and tap a picture you like, the picture will be displayed in full screen

set ipad wallpaper pic

5. At the top of the pic, you can see four buttons : Cancel, Set Lock Screen, Set Home Screen and Set Both. Tap Set Home Screen to use it as home screen wallpaper, and touch Set Lock Screen to set as lock screen wallpaper.

set ipad home screen picture

Now you have successfully set a new wallpaper for your iPad.

Make slide shows free on iPhone with music and transitions

With iPhone’s built-in slideshow building feature, you can instantly show off your pictures in dynamic slideshows instead of still pictures. Play pictures to music, loop slideshows, set slides time, you just need to simple taps to convert photos to musical slide show with transitions.

  • Tap the “Photo” icon from iPhone screen and choose any photo to open it
  • Tap the “Play” icon to bring up the “Slideshow Options” window
  • Choose one transition effect, toggle “Play Music”  to “ON”, and choose music from your iPhone Music Library
  • Tap the “Start Slideshow” to begin to view your pictures in a slideshow
iphone slide show free

start a slideshow from pic

If you want to set time for slides or loop the slideshow, you should go to “Setting” area.

  • Touch the “Setting” icon from your iPhone screen to open Settings window
  • Tap “Photos & Camera” , in the slideshow area, you can set time for slides, toggle “Repeat” to loop a slideshow
set slides time, loop slideshow

iphone slideshow setting

However, you can not save or publish the slideshow to Facebook and YouTube. You can only view this pictures slideshow on iPhone. If you want to create a slideshow that can be saved and posted to Facebook / YouTube / Dropbox / SkyDrive, you can rely on professional slideshow app, such as Photo Slideshow Director HD.

 Photo Slideshow Director HD is a slideshow software for iPhone and iPad. It can use photos from Camera Roll and web albums, like Picasa, Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox and turn photos into stunning slideshows. Also it enables you to publish a slideshow to Facebook / YouTube / Dropbox / SkyDrive for sharing.

Display photos to music as a looping slideshow on iPad

Wanna show your photos as a looping slideshow on iPad?  iPad has the feature which lets you view your pictures as a musical slideshow without any other apps.

First set the slides time and looping playback option in Setting area

  • Tap the ” Setting ” icons  to open the Settings menu options
  • Choose ” Photos & Camera ” , in the ” Slideshow ” area, you can set slides time, toggle ” Repeat ” on to the looping playback
ipad looping slideshow

Set slides time and repeat slides

Now you can start a slideshow to display your pictures with music

  • Open one album in your iPad Photo Library
  • Tap the ” Slideshow ” button to bring up the Slideshow Options window
  • Choose a transition effect, toggle ” Play Music ” to ” ON ” and choose a song from iPad music library
  • Tap ” Start Slideshow ” to begin to watch your photos
create a slide show on ipad

Start a slideshow

You can easily enjoy your pictures on iPad in a looping slideshow by following the instructions above. If you want to show pictures to many people in a room, you can use the iPad’s Airplay feature to stream the looping slideshow to TV or large monitors.

However, the built-in slideshow creator only allows you to show pictures in simple slide show with music and transitions, no other effects available. Also you can not save the slideshow or post it to Facebook, YouTube for sharing.  To make more professional slideshow videos with more effects, you can use Photo Slideshow Director HD. It is designed for iPad, iPhone and iPod to turn pictures into stunning slideshows for watching on iDevices, TV, or posting to Facebook / YouTube / Dropbox /SkyDrive.

How to create a slideshow on PC and transfer it to iPad/iPhone

Wanna create a slideshow on PC  with your digital pictures playable on your iPad/iPhone?  DVD Photo Slideshow is a professional slideshow maker for Windows PC, which can create an eye-catching slideshow with kinds of effects for iPad/ iPhone and other mobile devices, YouTube, Facebook and more.

In this article, let’s learn how to turn your photos into a dynamic slideshow on PC using DVD Photo Slideshow and transfer the slideshow to iPad/iPhone. When putting the slideshow on iPad/iPhone, we can enjoy and show it to other people whenever and wherever we want.

Download DVD Photo Slideshow Trial Version(27.9MB)

How to create a slideshow for iPad / iPhone on PC?

Step1. Organize Photos and customize a slideshow

In this step, you can import photos, apply transitions, add slideshow music, choose slideshow theme and preview the slideshow.

You can use the Add and Add All icon to import photos from your PC. Also you can directly drag photos to Album Photo Area. Then you can drag photos to arrange photo order or right click the blank space and choose randomize photo order.

organize photos in slideshow software

Organize photos

Click Transition& Music sub-tab, you can change the randomly applied transitions for slides. When you click the transition thumbnail, you can preview it in the Transition Preview area.

Click Add under Transition & Music to import music from your PC hard drive. You can add more than one songs as background music. The software also enables you to ripper music from Audio CD or record sound track and use it as background music for slideshow.

In the Album Settings Area,  you can set transition time and slide time. As per your needs, you even can set time for each slide.  You can use the synchronization icon to make slides and music play in pace.

apply transitions and music for slideshow

Slideshow transition and music

Click Album Theme, you can choose a theme for your slideshow. There are many different kinds of beautiful themes available, such as wedding theme, sports theme, baby theme , birthday theme, and etc.

Step 2. Save a slideshow as video file

Switch to Burn Disc tab, then choose iPod/ iPhone/ iPad  MPEG-4 Mov from Output Format drop-down list.

After setting parameters, click Create Now! to encode and save the slideshow.

save slideshow video for iphone ipad

create slideshow video for ipad iphone

How to transfer a slideshow video to iPad/iPhone from PC?

You can use iTunes or Wireless Transfer App to transfer the slideshow from PC to iPad/iPhone.

Steps to use iTunes to transfer a slideshow video to iPad/iPhone:

1. Open iTunes on your PC, then connect iPad to PC  with USB cable or over WiFi

2. Drag the slideshow video to Movies under LIBRARY

3. Click iPad/iPhone name under DEVICES, then choose Summary and Click Manually manage music and videos in Options area.

4. Drag the slideshow video from Movies Library to the Movies under your iPad/iPhone

5. Click the Movies under your iPad/iPhone name, you can see the slideshow video. That  means you have transferred it to your iPad/iPhone.

It seems a little time-consuming to copy a slideshow to iPad/iPhone using iTunes. An easy way is to use Wireless Transfer App. You just need to install the transfer app on your iPad/iPhone, then it never becomes so easier to transfer photos and videos between PC and iOS devices.

wifi transfer slideshow video to ipad iphone