How to connect iPad to PC iTunes over WiFi

Can I connect iPad to iTunes via WiFi to sync photos, music, movies between iPad and computer? This article will show you how to sync iPad to PC using iTunes wirelessly.

Though there have been many apps to help me transfer photos/videos to iPad from PC, sometimes, we still need to use iTunes to sync big size movie and music. With iOS5, we can forget cable to sync iPad via WiFi.

Requirements to connect iPad to PC over WiFi

1. iTunes 10.6or higher

2. iPad running iOS5 or higher

3. iPad and PC are on the same Network

Step-by-step guides to wirelessly sync iPad to PC

1.Before syncing wirelessly, You have to use USB cable to connect iPad to PC iTunes first to change a setting. Launch iTunes on your computer, plug iPad into your computer using USB cable.

2. iTunes will automatically recognize iPad and  show iPad name under “DEVICES”.

3. Click iPad name and you will see the iPad management screen.Then click “Summary” tab, scroll down to “Options” area.

4. Check  “Sync with this iPad over Wi-Fi” and click “Apply” at  the right bottom of the screen. Now you have finished the setting option.

connect ipad to itunes

Check “Sync with this iPad over Wi-Fi”

5. Unplug iPad from your computer by clicking the eject button at the right bottom of your compute screen.

6.  Now your iPad has been connected to iTunes over WiFi. You can begin to sync iPad to PC wirelessly.