How to embed a YouTube video in your website or blog

It is available to use a YouTube video in your blog or website.  YouTube provides a  code which you can copy and paste to your website or blog for embedding.

4 steps to insert YouTube videos  into your website and blog

1. Go to YouTube website and find a  video you want to use. To use your own video, you need to sign in and find your videos in Video Manager area.

2. Below the video, click “Share” and choose “Embed” for the available sharing bar.

3. Copy the code. Also you can set some parameters, such as video size. You can choose to use HTTPS code or old embed code. If you do not like others seeing recommended videos , please uncheck “Show suggested videos when the video finishes“.

embed youtube video to website and blog

add youtube videos to blog, website

4. Paste the code to your website in Dreamweaver. Open the web page in Dreamweaver, then paste YouTube code to the place where you want to embed the video. Upload changes to your website server, you can see the YouTube video appearing in your website page.

To embed a YouTube video to your blog, just paste the code in HTML interface, then Publish or Update the post.

If you want to change the video size, please set  the “width” and “height”  parameters in the code you just pasted.

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