How to play a video slideshow on TV endlessly

Can I create a video slideshow and burn it to DVD, and make the slideshow play on TV endlessly?

Playing a slideshow with music, transitions, pan / zoom is the trend of sharing and viewing pictures. No matter on a birthday party or wedding ceremony, a slideshow can boost the atmosphere of celebration.  In this article, I would like to share how to set a video slideshow to make it play on TV in a loop endlessly.

To play a video slideshow on TV, you may need to copy it onto a DVD. If you have an iPad(or iPhone, iPod), you can airplay a slideshow on TV from iOS device.

1. Make a  slideshow DVD and repeat it on TV


DVD Photo Slideshow allows you easily create a video slideshow with your own pictures and music, and burn it to DVD. Most importantly, it is available to set a slideshow to play repeatedly.

Step1. Import photos and personalize your slideshow with kinds of effects

Add your photos and music into the program, customize the video slideshow with transitions, texts, pan & zoom effects, theme and more.  The software provides over 300 transitions, various themes for choosing.

Step2. Select a DVD menu and set the slideshow looping option

Click DVD Menus tab and choose a menu for your DVD. You can customize the menu with background image and music, etc.

To loop the video slideshow, you need to do as follows.

Click “Menu Navigator”, in “DVD Menu Navigator” area, check use “DVD menu”, and select “play current album repeatedly” from “After playing over current album”

After selecting the “play current album repeatedly“, the DVD slideshow  will play in a continuously loop on TV or DVD player.

create looping tv slideshow

select play current album repeated

Step3. Burn the slideshow to DVD and play it on TV in a loop

Switch to “Burn Disc” tab, select “DVD Video Disc” as the output format, and click  “Burn Now” to burn the looping slideshow to DVD.

After burning is finished, you can play the looping slideshow DVD

2. Make a looping slideshow and airplay it to TV from iPad

With an iPad / iPhone / iPod,  you can use Photo Slideshow Director HD to make a looping slideshow, then stream it to TV via Airplay.

The slideshow software for iOS devices enables you to  create a stunning slideshow within minutes. Import your photos and music into the app, customize it with transitions, pan / zoom effects, theme, text and other effects.  Then a slideshow is ready to present.

To make a looping slideshow on iPad, you just need to turn on a switch.

loop slideshow on tv

Learn step-by-step guide to play the looping slideshow on TV