How to make your baby slideshow to share on Facebook

It’s popular to share your photos or videos on Facebook with your Facebook friends. Compared with uploading loads of photos, I’d like to make photos into a slideshow, and use many beautiful effects to make it more beautiful. Also to mothers or fathers, babies are the most important in their lives. Here I want to show you how to make your baby’s photos into slideshow, then upload it to Facebook.

As a amateur, I’ve tried several different kinds of software to help me. And the simplest one I’m now using is Slideshow DVD Creator. From the name of the software, you can know that the software can help you burn your slideshow into DVD. But also, it can help you  encode the slideshow you made into mov/ mp4 video format.

First, we have to download the software from its website :

Then we can open the software to start our project. Steps as below :

  • Only by dragging & dropping we can add our baby photos into the software. And here is a “music” option of us to add our favorite song as background music, of course, you can have more than one music as background music.
  • Then we can manage the photos and music, such as change the order, remove the one that we’ve added by mistake or others.
  • Next, click the button between photos to select transition effect for our photos. For the most time, I will just find one transition effect, and click  “Apply to All” to make all the photos have the same transition effect. Of course, you can set different one for different photo.
  • After the transition effect, Let’s set photo play time and transition time. There are default time for your photos. In general, the play time is the same for all your photos, you can set them to make them different.
  • Of course, we would like the music ends just the same as the photos ended. Here you can use “Sync Music & Slideshow” to achieve the goal.
  • Last, you can encode it to mov or mp4 now.

Let’s see some screenshot:

add song to slideshow
sync slideshow and music
create video slideshow
From the help page of Facebook, we can know that Facebook supports all video types, but MP4 will be the best. So we will choose to encode the slideshow to mp4 format.



Now, please go to facebook, and upload your slideshow to enjoy your baby slideshow with your friends.

For step-by-step tutorial, please go to




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