How to merge multiple video slideshows into one

For some specific reasons, you want to put different pictures into different slideshow projects, and you personalize each slideshow project with music, transitions, pan / zoom effects, text, etc. Then you need to combine several slideshows to one file with each slideshow’s effects unchanged.  Read this tutorial to create several slideshows and merge them into one file with DVD Photo Slideshow.

Step 1. Save each slideshow as an avi video

You can create several slideshow projects by putting different pictures into different albums.  Then customize each slideshow with transitions, text, music, pan / zoom effects and more.

Then save each slideshow as an avi video. Click Burn Disc tab, and select Misc Movie from Output Format drop-down list. Then select AVI – Audio-Video Interleaved Movie (*. avi) from Profile drop-down list. In Parameters group, under Video Options, select msmpeg4v2 from Video Codec drop-down list.

Click Create Now! to create an avi video slideshow.

  • Note:  The reason why to save a slideshow as avi video is that make sure that DVD Photo Slideshow will support the video format when you add the video slideshows to merge multiple slideshows.
  • If you want to merge videos that are not in avi formats into one. You need to use Clone2go Video Converter Free Version to convert videos to avi videos first, then follow Step 2 to merge them into one. Remember to choose msmpeg4v2 as the Video Codec.
output slideshow as avi video

save slideshow as avi video

Step 2. Merge avi slideshows into one file

First ,you need to add the avi video slideshows you have just  created into DVD Photo Slideshow.  Click Organize Photos tab and drag the avi video slideshows into Album Photo area.  Then you can see all the videos listed under Video Clips area.

Remember to put all video slideshows into one Album.

Put slideshows into joiner tool

Add several slideshows

Then go to Album Preview to view the merged video slideshow.

Finally, Click Burn Disc to string the video slideshows together. Select a video format from Output Format drop-down list, DVD Photo Slideshow supports all popular video formats, including mp4, flv, mov, avi, mkv, mpeg, h.264, h.264 HD, 3gp, 3gpp2, swf.   Then click Create Now! button to merge all the video slideshows into one video file.

Also you can burn the merged video slideshow onto DVD and CD.

combine videos to one

string videos together