mirror ipad photographs on large screen

How to mirror iPad photographs on large monitors with music and transitions

To show your product photographs to customers or your photographs to many people in a room, iPad’s screen seems too small. So you need to mirror iPad’s display on a large monitor to share your pictures to others. Showing photographs in slideshow may more easily attract people’s attention and interest.

1. Turn your photographs into a dynamic slideshow with music and transitions.

To create a slideshow, iPad itself has this feature. Open an photo album on iPad, touch “Slideshow“. In the Slideshow Options window, choose transitions, turn Play Music on, and choose a song from music library, then touch “Start Slideshow” to show photographs with music and transitions.

However, with iPad’s built-in slideshow feature, you can only make a very simple slideshow with limited transitions and one song. Also, you can not save the slideshow. To create a more attractive photograph slideshow, you can use Photo Slideshow Director HD. With it, you can create a perfect slideshow with music, transitions, theme, pan&zoom, captions and more effects. Besides, you can save the slideshow on your iPad photo library as a video.

ipad slideshow feature

display ipad photos in slideshow

2. Mirror iPad photographs on large monitors

You can use two methods to stream iPad display on large monitors: Method 1. Use Apple Digital AV Adapter  Method 2. Take advantage of iPad’s Airplay.

Method 1. Connect iPad to large monitor using Apple Digital AV Adapter and HDMI cable. It can transfer both audio and video to large monitor. Connect the Apple Digital AV Adapter to your iPad via the 30-pin dock connector and to your HDMI-compatible display using an HDMI cable. Then your iPad’s display will mirror exactly on the external monitor.

Now you can find the photograph slideshow and play it on your iPad, at the time, your photographs will be mirrored on the large monitor.

If you want to mirror  iPad display on VGA-compatible screen, you need to use the $29 Apple VGA Adapter.

Method 2. Airplay. To use Airplay, an Apple TV  is needed to be connected to a large screen.

  • Make sure iPad and Apple TV are using the same WiFi network.
  • Double-press your iPad home button.
  • Swipe the app-switching tray from left to right till you see a volume slider and the  AirPlay icon.
  • Touch Airplay icon and check “Apple TV” and toggle the Mirroring switch to On.

 Now you can view your iPad photographs on the large screen.

Note: To use Airplay, Apple TV and iPad should both run iOS5 or latter. That means it does not work on iPad1 and Apple TV1.

mirror ipad photographs on large screen

Use iPad Airplay