how to make a slideshow DVD using iDVD

It’s really fun to turn your still photos and music into slideshow DVD, and enjoy it with families or friends. There are many free tools can help you achieve that. Today, I want to show you how to use Apple’ iDVD to make your own slideshow DVD quickly.

But notice, iDVD is not available in Mac OS X 10.7 or higher now. So for Mac OS X 10.7 or higher users, you can use Slideshow DVD Creator instead.

To begin building the slideshow, first click “Media” button in the right bottom corner, then you can see three tabs “Audio / Photos / Movies” appear. Select one, then you can drag & drop the photos, music or movies to add them into the slideshow.


Next, click the “Themes” button next to “Media”, there will appear a list of ready-to-use themes you can use.

And you can also add background pictures by dragging a photo into the theme’s background.

Also you can set DVD title for your slideshow DVD as shown below:


You can have more control over your slideshow using iDVD. In the bottom of the windows, you can set slideshow duration to specify the time each slide plays; Transition helps you set transition effect to govern how one slide turn into another; Slideshow volume helps you control the volume.

Click the “Setting” button, then you can have more control over your slideshow. Find out it by yourself to have more fun.


When you finish the slideshow, click play button to preview it. If satisfied, click the “burn” to make your DVD. After it finished, you can enjoy the DVD on Apple TV, PC or other portable DVD movie players.


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