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How to create a slideshow on Mac with HD Slideshow Maker

Wanna present and share your photos as an eye-catching slideshow with music and transitions on Mac? In this article, I will introduce a decent slideshow maker for Mac –  HD Slideshow Maker. Also I will show you how to make a HD video slideshow from pictures with music, transitions, pan / zoom effects, text and more effects on your Mac computer.

With HD Slideshow Maker, you can easily and quickly convert digital photos to an amazing musical slideshow. Then you can watch the slideshow on your Mac computer or TV for viewing photos in an interesting way. Also you can  upload a photo slideshow to Facebook and YouTube for sharing with friends.


Make HD Slideshows on Mac With HD Slideshow Maker

Step 1. Import Photos to HD Slideshow

Click “Add Photos” to  import photos to the software for your Mac computer. You can see the  thumbnails of photos imported at the bottom of the screen.

To arrange the photos order, click “Arrange” icon, then drag photos to the place where you want to put.

slideshow software for mac

Import photos

Step 2. Add music to slideshow and organize music

A silent slideshow is just like a silent movie.  You can add more than one songs as background music.

To “Sync” icon enables you to sync slideshow time with music time, so they can play in pace with each other.

sync slideshow and music time

Sync time

HD Slideshow Maker enables  you to organize songs added.Click the green music bar at the bottom , then you can see “The list of background music” window. Use correct buttons to play music, add or delete songs and arrange song order.

manage slideshow music

organize music in slideshow


Step 3. Choose a slideshow theme

Click “Theme” to choose a theme for your slideshow. The software provides kinds of themes for choosing. Also you can customize a theme with a beautiful image. The theme will make your slideshow eye-catching.

Step 4. Change transitions effects

Once photos are imported, they will be applied random transitions. However, you can change them by clicking the transition icon between photos (like dice). Among all the transitions, what most fascinating transitions are the 3 D transitions.

apply transitons to slideshow

Change transition effects

Step 5. Set time duration for slides and transition

Make sure HD slideshow Maker is the current running app, click HD slideshow Maker from the top of your screen(next to Apple icon) and select “Preference”, in the Options window, you can set time for photos and transitions. Tick the “Repeat slideshow at the end” to loop the slideshow.

In the Output settings area, you can locate the slideshow’s path and choose video’s format from MP4 or MOV.

slideshow setting on mac

set slideshow


Step 6. Play the slideshow

Before exporting the slideshow, you can preview the effect by clicking “Play” button. If you are not satisfied with it, go back to make changes. Or else, go to next step.

Step 7. Save and Share the photo slideshow

Click “Share” icon, you can save and share the slideshow. You can save it as a video to your Mac computer, or upload it to YouTube and Facebook directly for sharing.

To play the slideshow on your HDTV , you can copy the video outputted to a USB drive, then plug the USB drive into your  HDTV USB port to play the slideshow.

create slideshow on mac

Save and share a slideshow

Download HD Slideshow Maker free>>