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How to make birthday slideshow for your family or friends

Every year we grow older, and things just keep changing around. So although we have birthday every year, each birthday is just different, and each one is important. Photo is a good tool for me to keep the memories ,growth experience or just happy times. It’s also a good idea to make the photos into beautiful birthday slideshows for birthday party. Good birthday songs is also indispensable. I have found some : http://slideshowdvdcreator.com/best-songs-for-your-birthday-slideshow.html .

So here let’s go into the main topic about – How to make a birthday slideshow for your family or friends. It’s very simple. First, there are somethings we should prepare in advance: photos of course, songs, a slideshow software. We will use Slideshow DVD Creator, for it is the simplest software I’d ever used.

1. Download the software and install.

The software can be downloaded for free from : http://slideshowdvdcreator.com. This free version has the 36 photos limitation, so please notice.

2. Add Photos and songs into software.

In the left panel of the software, there are “Images” and “Music” button on it. Click the two button to go to the folders which contains the photos and songs. Just drag & drop them, you can have them added.

If you’d like to change the order of the photos, drag them in the photos list directly. If you’d like to change the order of the songs, click the name of the songs, then change them in the pop-up dialogue.

3. Insert a blank image into the beginning and add some text into it.

Click “Slideshow – Insert blank image” from the menu bar of your Mac, then you can select a blank image from the “Add a Blank Image” dialogue . Drag it to the beginning.



Next you can add transition effect for your photos. Then set time for them to make the slideshow more desirable.

After you finished the slideshow, you can click the “Play” to preview it. Then you can encode it into mov/ mp4 video format, or burn it into DVD by using the built-in DVD player.



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