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Compress video files on iPad/iPhone with Video Slimmer App

For the high camera resolution of new iPad/ iPad4/iPad mini and iPhone 5 /4S, the videos you capture  with these iOS device are too big in size. A 5 minutes video can cost 0.5G space. As we all know, the capacity of 16G, 32G, 64G for your iPad/iPhone is not big enough.  So to hold more videos on iPad and iPhone, you may need to lessen the video size.

Introduction of  an video compressor and its key features

In this article, I will introduce an video compressor for iPhone/iPad/iPod —Video Slimmer App. The App is designed to shrink the size of video files to help save the space for iOS devices.  With Video Slimmer App, you can save 70% space while keeping reasonable video quality.

It also can trim a long video or merge short videos to a long video. So you can easily remove unwanted parts of a clip, or join several video clips to one long video to enjoy your video clips in succession.

It supports batch processing. You can import many videos at a time, then slime them. If you tick the Merge, it will join all videos together and slim it. Besides, it can compress video size at blazing fast processing speed.

After compressing the videos, you have different choices to share them.

  1. Save videos to iPhone/iPad/iPod Photo Library
  2. Open with third party video apps, players or editors, like the notable iMovie.
  3. Wirelessly transfer videos to computers
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iOS Video Slimmer App