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Display photos to music as a looping slideshow on iPad

Wanna show your photos as a looping slideshow on iPad?  iPad has the feature which lets you view your pictures as a musical slideshow without any other apps.

First set the slides time and looping playback option in Setting area

  • Tap the ” Setting ” icons  to open the Settings menu options
  • Choose ” Photos & Camera ” , in the ” Slideshow ” area, you can set slides time, toggle ” Repeat ” on to the looping playback
ipad looping slideshow

Set slides time and repeat slides

Now you can start a slideshow to display your pictures with music

  • Open one album in your iPad Photo Library
  • Tap the ” Slideshow ” button to bring up the Slideshow Options window
  • Choose a transition effect, toggle ” Play Music ” to ” ON ” and choose a song from iPad music library
  • Tap ” Start Slideshow ” to begin to watch your photos
create a slide show on ipad

Start a slideshow

You can easily enjoy your pictures on iPad in a looping slideshow by following the instructions above. If you want to show pictures to many people in a room, you can use the iPad’s Airplay feature to stream the looping slideshow to TV or large monitors.

However, the built-in slideshow creator only allows you to show pictures in simple slide show with music and transitions, no other effects available. Also you can not save the slideshow or post it to Facebook, YouTube for sharing.  To make more professional slideshow videos with more effects, you can use Photo Slideshow Director HD. It is designed for iPad, iPhone and iPod to turn pictures into stunning slideshows for watching on iDevices, TV, or posting to Facebook / YouTube / Dropbox /SkyDrive.