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How do photographers use DVD Photo Slideshow

As a photographer, you may be a master of  taking nice pictures. However, you should also know how to share and showcase your masterpieces with clients and friends. In the following, lets’ learn how to use DVD Photo Slideshow to show your photographs and wow your clients and audience .

slideshow dvd for photographer

What photographers are saying:

1. I am wedding photographer. Every time I send wedding slideshow DVDs to my customers, they give me positive feedback. Their good comments make my business better and better. Thanks to developers of DVD Photo Slideshow.

This is an email from one of customers who is working in wedding slideshow DVD.

2. DVD Photo Slideshow is an awesome slideshow maker. I am a  freelance photographer. In my free time, I would like to capture every beauty with my camera. Then I share my favorites photographs with friends and family. The program works well, I use it to make slideshow DVDs for watching on TV with family. Besides making photo DVD, I use it to create videos and publish to YouTube and Facebook for sharing with friends. My slideshows can always wow friends and family.

3.  Every single of my clients is excited about the slideshow , they end up sharing the slideshows with their friends and family.  That makes me fulfilled.

Why use DVD Photo Slideshow

1. Unlimited photos: Make slideshow DVDs or video slideshows with as many pictures as you like. There is no photo number limitation.

2.  HD quality: Burn photos onto DVD with various effects at high quality, your photos will look great when being displayed on big-screen TV with a DVD player.

3. Easy steps to produce video slideshows: You can create a stunning slideshow with the program. Three easy steps to make a slideshow DVD – Add photos and videos, select a DVD menu and burn slideshow to DVD or output a video.

4.  Multiple songs in a slideshow: Merge several songs in a slideshow presentation to tell a story using photos and songs.

5. Kinds of slideshow effects: Personalize slideshows with dynamic transitions and pan & zoom effects, texts, subtitles, art-clips, etc.