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How to add DVD menu for DVD slideshow

Make you favorite photos and songs into slideshow and then burn it into DVD is very simple. Slideshow DVD Creator can help you create a professional-looking slideshow within minutes. Drag & Drop your songs and images directly into the soft, then add transition effect, theme, text or others you want to be showed on the photos by just clicking the icons, then you can have your own slideshow.

Before burn it into DVD, you can also add DVD title, Menu or even background music for your DVD slideshow. Let’s see how to do it.

Of course, you have to download and install the Slideshow DVD Creator software. Although it is a shareware, but the download is free. And because the only difference between the full and the trial version is the limitation on photo number. You can have a full try before purchase the software.

The Website is : http://slideshowdvdcreator.com .

After you install the Slideshow DVD Creator, you can see the software screenshot as below. In the left panel, it has “Images, Music, Theme, DVD menu, options” for you. First you can add the photos and songs you liked to the software.

Welcome screen:

run mac slideshow dvd creaot
Add photos:

add images
Add songs:

add song to slideshow
Now you can have a simple slideshow with background music.  Then you can select transition effect for each photos. Of course, you can apply the same effect to all the photos as well. The transition effect will help show photos in different ways. Just click the icon between the photos.

so far, you can click the play button below the preview box to play your slideshow. Then you can adjust it according to your needs.

In many conditions, you may like the song and the photos and end at the same time. Slideshow DVD Creator also has the “Sync the images and music” function. Click the “Options”, then go to “Music” tab. By click the “Sync Music & Slideshow“, you can have them synchronized.

sync slideshow and music
Until now, you already have a stunning slideshow. Then you can set the DVD menu for your DVD now. Click the “DVD Menu” in the left panel, there pops up the DVD menu dialogue. You can enter DVD title and subtitle. And select Theme from “DVD Menu Theme“. Also you can add background music for the DVD as below:

set dvd menu
Last, set DVD video Aspect and TV system as below. Then you can insert the DVD disc into your computer, and click “Burn DVD” to make your own DVD.

dvd for tv setting



Add DVD Menudownload pdf






How to make a photo slideshow DVD with music

“I want to watch my photos on TV for showing to all people in the room with music in an interesting way, so people will be fascinated by my photos. So how can do that? ” I read this question from one Q&A website. Maybe other people also have the same problems.

In this Era, it is so easy to snap photos to remember every special moment, like wedding, birthday, graduation etc. And we needs a tool to help us to enjoy and share our precious photos in an interesting way. DVD Photo Slideshow is designed to help make photo slideshow DVDs and create photo videos for enjoying and sharing.

In this following article, I will show you how to turn your photos into an eye-catching slideshow with music, transitions, beautiful theme and burn it to DVD for watching on TV or DVD player.

Free Download DVD Photo Slideshow


Make Photo Slideshow DVD with DVD Photo Slideshow

Step 1.Launch DVD Photo Slideshow on your windows computer.

Step 2.Import photos from your computer to DVD Photo Slideshow

Put the photos you want to use in a folder, find the folder from the File Folder List Panel(The upper part of the software screen), open the photos folder and drag photos to “Photo Album” screen.

After importing photos, you can arrange photos order by dragging them to the places where you want to put.

Step 3.Customize the slideshow with music, transitions, pan&zoom and other effects

customize photo slideshow
Change transitions for the slideshow. The software will apply random transitions to all photos once photos are imported. This feature will be very useful for a slideshow with hundreds of photos. If you like, you can change transitions with ones you like. The program provides over 300 kinds of transition effects.

Add background music. Click “Transitions &Music” under “Organize Photos”, then click “Add” to import songs from your computer. Also you can Rip an Audio CD  or Record sound as background music. Trimming music and arranging songs order is available.

Set slides time and transitions. In the “Album Setting” under “Transition & Music, you can set the slideshow duration, then match the slideshow duration with music duration to make them play in pace with each other. Click a photo under “Album Photo”, you can set the time for each slide.

Choose an album theme.  There are different beautiful themes available, such as Wedding, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, Valentines’ Day, Graduation etc. The theme can both highlight the point and decorate the slideshow.

Step 4.Choose a DVD menu

Switch to tab “Choose Menus”, here you can choose a menu  and customize it. The program provides over 90 kinds of DVD menus for choosing. If you are not satisfied with them, you can import a image from your computer as the DVD menu background image.Then you can edit the menu, like setting background music for DVD menu,  editing menu title.

Then preview the slideshow to check if it meets your needs. If not, go back to modify the effects.

choose dvd menu

choose menus

Step 5. Burn the photo slideshow to DVD

Go to tab “Burn Disc”,  then click the Output Format  drop-down list and choose “DVD Video Disc” . If you want to play the Slideshow DVD on TV, you need to choose “NTSC” or “PAL” under “TV System”. Also you can choose 4:3 or 16:9 TV aspect ratio.

After that, click “Burn Now!” to start burning process.

After burning DVD is finished, you can play the slideshow DVD on your computer through hard drive or watch it on TV via DVD player.

burn photos slideshow to dvd

burn disc