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How to burn photos & videos to DVD for playing on TV

What is the best program to burn my digital photos & videos to a DVD that will play on any TV with a DVD player?

Have many pictures and video clips for sharing with friends and family? Now you can make a slideshow DVD with your digital photos & videos, and play it on TV or DVD player. In this tutorial, I will show you how to use DVD Photo Slideshow to convert photos to a slideshow with music, and burn the photo slideshow and videos onto a DVD for playing on TV.

Free Download DVD Photo Slideshow

1. Add photos and videos

Drag your photos and videos into DVD Photo Slideshow. Photos and videos will be in different albums. If you like, you can divide photos into several albums according to your photos type. For example put photos taken in a party in the Party album and photos taken during vacation in Vacation album. You can organize photo order and video order by dragging and dropping.

add videos and  photos

Note:  DVD Photo Slideshow only supports avi video, so before adding videos, you need to convert videos to avi format. You can use our Clone2go Video Converter Free Version to convert. Please select avi from Profile drop-down list, and select msmpeg4v2 as the video codec.

free video converter

2. Personalize your photo slideshow

After adding your photos, you can customize the photo slideshow with your own style. You can select dynamic transitions and pan / zoom effects, choose a theme, add text and subtitles on photos, etc. Also you can use your own music as the slideshow background.

3. Choose a DVD menu

Click Choose Menus tab to choose a DVD menu from various templates.  After selecting a menu template, you can add background music and image for the menu, edit menu title and visibility, set navigator and preview the real effect of the video and photo slideshow DVD.

Before burning photos and videos onto DVD, you’d better preview the real effect. Select Preview tab in Choose Menus and click the Play button.

choose dvd menu

4. Burn photos and videos to DVD

Click Burn Disc  tab, and select  DVD Video Disc from Output Format drop-down list. Before burning, you need to set some parameters, including DVD/ CD File System, TV System, DVD / CD Recorder Options.

DVD / CD File System: Set Volume Label, Publish and Copyright text.

TV System: Select TV system from PAL and NTSC( PAL is used in European and Asian countries. NTSC is used throughout North / South America and Japan), select TV Aspect Ratio Correct from 4:3 and 16:9

DVD Recorder Options: Select Record Speed, DVD copies and others.

Finally, click Burn Disc button, the program will begin to burn the slideshow with photos and videos to TV.

burn photos and videos to disc