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How to loop your photo slideshow on Mac

Slideshow is a great way to present and share your photos.  With HD Slideshow Maker, you can easily create a slideshow with your favorite photographs. It enables you to convert digital photos to a slideshow with music, text, theme, transitions, pan / zoom effects and more. However in some particular occasions, you may hope to loop a slideshow , such as presenting a slideshow in family reunion.

To create a looping slideshow on Mac with HD Slideshow Maker

1. Launch HD Slideshow Maker on your Mac

2. Import photos and customize the slideshow with music, transitions, theme, text and more

3. Click HD Slideshow Maker next to Apple icon on the left top of your Mac screen and select Preferences…

4. Then you can see the pop-up Options window, tick Repeat slideshow at the end under Slideshow settings area

5. Click OK button to confirm the setting

create looping slideshow on mac

Check “Repeat slideshow at the end”

HD Slideshow Maker for Mac Intro

HD Slideshow Maker is designed to create slideshows from digital photos. It has all the features you need to make a HD stunning slideshow.  It enables you to create slideshows with music, transitions, pan / zoom, text, theme and more. After customizing a slideshow, you can save it and play it on your HDTV, or upload to Facebook and YouTube for sharing with friends. Step-by-step guide

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