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Slideshow DVD Creator User Manual

Slideshow DVD Creator can help you create professional-looking slideshows in minutes. And can export the slideshows to mov/ mp4, burn it to DVD or upload it to Facebook/ Youtube for sharing. Also you can enjoy the mov/ mp4 slideshow files on your iPad/ iPhone or other mobile photos.

1. Launch Slideshow DVD Creator

Download and install Slideshow DVD Creator on your Mac computer. When you run it, you can see the following main sreen.

run mac slideshow dvd creaot

2. Add Images

Click the “Images” icon on left top side, you can select photos from iPhoto and listed Folders. If you have just put photos in a new folder that is not listed, drag the folder from your computer to “FOLDERS” list. Click the folder and you will see photos displayed under folder area. Select photos and drag them into the software.

add images

3. Organize photos

Arrange Photo Order: You can arrange photo order by dragging and dropping. Also you can arrange photos by clicking this icon, and arrange photos in “Arrange Photo Order” window by dragging. To delete photos, you just need to select them and press “DEL” key.

arrange photos on mac
Delete Photos: You have two ways to delete photos. Way 1, slect photos from the photo list at bottom of the screen, and click the trash candelete slides. Way 2, read Arrange Photo Order guide above to delete photos.

Set Time For Slides and Transitions: The default time for all slides is 4 second, and 2 second for transitions. However, according to needs, you can set different time for each slide / transition, or set same time for all slides / transitions.

    • Set time for each slide / transition: Select the photo / transition that you want to set time, and double-click the time below. Set time by dragging “Photo Show Duration” and “Transition Duration” timeline.

change slide time

  • Set time for all slides / transitions: Click “Options” icon, then drag “Time for each photo” and “Time for transition effect” timeline to set time duration for all slides and transitions.

set slides transition time

4. Add and Organize background music

You can add multiple songs as background music. It allows you to organize music and sync slideshow to music.

Add Songs: Click the Music iconmusicto add music from iTunes or folders on your Mac. If the folder that contains songs does not appear in the “FOLDERS” list, you can drag the folder to “FOLDERS” area. Click the folder name from “FOLDERS” list and drag songs into the software. After adding songs, you can see the music listed at the bottom of the sreen(below photo thumbnails).

Organize Songs: Click the added music name to bring up “Background music” window. You can play, delete, add and arrange music.

add song to slideshow
Sync Slideshow To Music: To make slideshow time match music time, you may need to sync slideshow to music. You have two ways to do this. Way1. Click the “Options”, in “Slideshow Settings” area, Click “Sync Music & Slideshow” button. Way2. Click the clock icon sync, then click “Sync Music and Slideshow” button.

sync slideshow and music

5. Choose Themes

The program provides kinds of themes for choosing to customize your slideshow. Click the “Theme” icon and select a theme for your slideshow. You can also customize it with a beautiful background image.


6. Change Transitions

The software can apply random transitions between slides. However you can change them. Click the dice icondicebetween two photos and select transition effects. You can change transitions one by one. Also you can set the same transitions to all slides.

Apply one transition to all slides: Selct a transition, check “Apply to All Photos” and click “Set” button,


7. Add Text

It will be fun to tell your photo stories by adding text. Click “Slideshow -> Add Text” from the top menu bar, enter text in “Edit Text” window, then you can customize font, color, size and roation for text. You just need to click and drag the text to the place where you want to put it.

add text on slideshow

8. Design pan & zoom effects

Click “Slideshow -> Add Text” from the top menu bar, you will see Pan & zoom window. Scale and rotate a photo to set the start and end frame. Preview the effect by clicking “Play” button.

customize pan and zoom

9. Set DVD Menu

Click “DVD Menu” from the left panel, you will see DVD Menu window. There you can enter DVD Title, subtitle into the DVD menu, and you can also select theme from “DVD Menu Theme”, we have prepared some for you. Also you can set background music by clicking the “Select Music” button.

set dvd menu

10. Preview the slideshow

Before outputing the slideshow, you can preview it. Click the “Play” button to preview the slideshow.

11. Set TV system and DVD Video Aspect

You need to select TV system and DVD video aspect before burning a slideshow to DVD for playing on TV. Click “Options”, in “Slideshow Setting” window, slect TV System from NTSC and PAL, and select DVD Video Aspect from 16:9 and 4:3.

dvd for tv setting

12. Burn a slideshow to DVD

Insert a DVD disc into Mac. Click the “Burn DVD” button, in “Burn Disc” window, click “Burn” button to begin burning the slideshow to DVD. After the burning is finished, you can play it on TV or DVD player.

burn slideshow to dvd

13. Output the slideshow to a video file

Besides burning slideshow to DVD, you can output it to a mp4 or mov video.

Video Output Setting:To specify video output format and video format, click “Slideshow DVD Creator” in left top corner of your Mac screen,

Create A Video: Click “Share -> Encode to Movie” from top menu bar, in “Share Video” window, enter title and description, select Video size(such as 1080p). Finally click “OK” , the program will begin to encode the slideshow to a video file.

video setting create video slideshow

User Manualdownload pdf