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How to make slideshow in mp4 format on Mac

You may like to make your photos into slideshow and enjoy it. But you may be headache when you want to upload the slideshow to, such as Youtube or Facebook, or when you want to sync the slideshow to your mobile phones so you enjoy it on trip and so on. There are many slideshow software you can find online, free or paid. And there are some which can encode slideshow to video format. But which one is the best. I recommend MP4 since it is the most widely supported.

So here I want to show you how to make your own slideshow  and encode it to the MP4 format. So you can enjoy as you like. The software I chose to use is Slideshow DVD Creator.  According to its name, you can know that it is a dvd photo slideshow software. But it can not only burn slideshow to DVD, but also can encode slideshow to MOV/ MP4. Of course, it is convenient if you also want to burn your slideshow to DVD, for it has the built-in DVD burner.

OK, back to our topic, Let’s see how to make slideshow in mp4 format.

First, download the soft from http://slideshowdvdcreator.com, and the download is free. After you install the soft on your Mac, you can see the interface like below:

run mac slideshow dvd creaot
You can add both photos and songs into the software by just drag & drop. Of course, you will have no limitation on number of songs. And after you added them, you can change their orders. Just click the name of songs you can have a dialogue pop-up where you can set order of songs. For photos, please see screenshot as below:

arrange photos on mac
Next, decorate your slideshow by using the transition effects and themes which the software provides. There are many other functions you can search by yourself. It’s very simple to find out. Such as: add empty images; add text into photos, sync the slideshow & music; Pan & Zoom effect; set play time for each of your photos and transition effects and so on.

After you finish your slideshow, click “play” button to see it. If you are satisfied with it, click “Slideshow DVD Creator” in left top corner of your Mac screen, to specify video output format(MP4) and video format.

video setting
Click “Share -> Encode to Movie” from top menu bar, in “Share Video” window, enter title and description, select Video size(such as 1080p). Finally click “OK” , the program will begin to encode the slideshow to a video file.

create video slideshow

You now have your MP4 slideshow video.



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