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Transfer photos from Android to PC and create slideshows

Have an Android smartphone or tablet and wonder how to share photos on your Android device?  In this tutorial , I would like to share how to transfer photos to PC from Android device and create a slideshow for sharing with friends.

How to transfer photos from Android phone / tablet to PC ?

android-wifi-transfer-to-pcWireless Transfer App for Android is a Free app on Google Play Store. It can help you transfer photos between Android and computer, between Android device and iOS device over WiFi.

With WiFi Transfer App, you can:

1. Move photos from one Android device to another
2. Transfer photos from Android device to iPhone / iPad / iPod
3. Move photos from iPhone / iPad / iPod to Android device
4. Download Android device to computer
5. Upload photos from computer to Android devices

You can get the app from Google Play Store free.

How to create a slideshow on your PC with photos?

DVD Photo Slideshow is a professional slideshow maker for Windows PC. With its kinds of effects, such as dynamic transitions and pan & zoom, themes, art-clips and more, you can easily make an amazing slideshow in minutes.

Free Download DVD Photo Slideshow

The program is very easy to use. You can make an eye-catching slideshow with three easy steps: Organize photos, Choose menus and Output slideshows.

create slideshow with android photos

How to share an Android photo slideshow?

DVD Photo Slideshow allows you to share a slideshow in different ways, such as burning to DVD for watching on DVD player and TV,  creating videos for YouTube, Facebook, iPad, iPhone, PSP, Android device, etc.

With DVD Photo Slideshow, you can convert Android photos a video slideshow and burn it onto DVD, then watch it on TV or DVD player.

You can also output a slideshow as a video format and share it to Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, iPad, iPhone and more.