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How to transfer photos to iPad from PC and create a slideshow

Have many photos on your computer and want to transfer PC photos to iPad and show them in slideshow with music? In this article, I will show you how to download photos from computer to iPad and turn your PC photos in slideshow on iPad.

How to transfer photos from computer to iPad?

Way1. Use iTunes to move PC photos to iPad

You can use iTunes or other photo transfer app to move PC photos to iPad.  Let’s talk about transferring photos with iTunes first.

  1. Run iTunes on your computer
  2. Connect your iPad to computer using the USB data cable. iTunes will automatically recognize iPad and show it under “DEVICE”
  3. Click your iPad name under “DEVICE” and click the “Photos” in the Synchronization option
  4. Check “Sync Photos from” and choose the photo folder that you want to sync to iPad
  5. Click “Apply” to begin synching

transfer photos from computer to ipad

Way2. Wirelessly transfer PC photos to iPad

Also you could move photos from computer to PC with Wireless Transfer App. This photos transfer app can easily get PC photos to iPad/iPhone/iPod via WiFi. To download photos from computer, you just need to enter a given URL in your computer browser. And locate photos from computer to download them to iPad.

With this app, you can get rid of cable and iTunes. It works well. And it is very popular in App Store.

photos from pc to ipad

How to create a slideshow on iPad with PC photos?

After downloading pc photos to iPad, you can turn these photos into a stunning slideshow for watching on TV, publish to Facebook and YouTube with amazing iPad slideshow app—Photo Slideshow Director HD.

ipad slideshow app

This powerful slideshow software enables you to create a stunning slideshow in three minutes. Import photos and music from iPad. Then the app will automatically apply transitions to photos. However you can change transitions by touching the Transition icon(like a dice between photo thumbnails). The synchronization icon is used to sync slideshow time to music time.  By now, a simple slideshow is finished, you can touch the “Export” icon and choose to watch the slideshow on TV, or publish it to Facebook/YouTube/Dropbox/SkyDrive directly for sharing.

Other features are available to help you create more perfect slideshows, such as pan&zoom effects, beautiful themes,  powerful photo editor. To deliver your thought , you can add text and subtitles on photos.