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How to make a slideshow on Flickr

As one of the best online photo management and sharing service, Flickr also enables users to view their photos as a slideshow . Flickr slideshows are easy to create and convenient for sharing, either through a URL or an embedding code.

To create a slideshow on Flickr, you should have a Yahoo ID, then you can sign into Flickr with your Yahoo ID.

Create a Flickr photo slideshow

1. Go to Flickr homepage and sign into your Flickr account with Yahoo ID and password.

2. Click Upload button to upload photos to Flickr Photostream from your computer.

3. If you just want to create a slideshow with parts of your photos, you need to create a Set to put these photos together. Click You-> Organize->Sets->Create a new set, then drag photos from the bottom list to the set area.  Then type title and description for the new set.

4. Open a set , and click Slideshow button(highlighted), then your photos will be displayed as a slideshow. A Flickr Slideshow is finished.

Note: If you want to view all your photos on Flickr in slideshow, click You->Your photostream , then click Slideshow button to watch your photos in slideshow.

click Slideshow on Flickr

click Slideshow on Flickr

Share a Flickr slideshow

You can share a slideshow through a URL or embedding code. Click the Share option in the upper right corner of the slideshow showing window. Then  Share this slideshow window will appear, with URL and Embed HTML for the slideshow.

To share the Flickr slideshow with friends, you can mail the URL to your friends or post it to Facebook.

If you want to insert the Flickr slideshow into your website or blog, copy the HTML code and paste it to where you want to put the slideshow.

Share a Flickr slideshow

Share a Flickr slideshow