Tips to create a photography slideshow

Now more and more photographers like using slideshows to present their photographic images. And there are number of slideshow software which enables us to apply transitions, add text and subtitles, animations and more effects. So it is not difficult to create a photographic slideshow. However, to create a successful and professional photography slideshow, these tips may give you some hints.

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Tools to create professional photography slideshow

1. You need to find a professional tool. Find a satisfying one from so many slideshow makers is not easy.  I create slideshows in different ways.  On my iPad, I like using Photo Slideshow Director HD. Personally, I think this is the best slideshow app I have used.  It not only has kinds of slideshow effects, such as 2D or 3D transitions, pan&zoom effects, music, also it enables me to use photos from web albums, including Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Dropbox, SkyDrive and Instagram. Moreover, I can directly upload slideshows to Facebook, YouTube and Dropbox for sharing. Also it has a Mac version—-HD Slideshow Maker.

I like creating slideshows on my Windows PC too. And DVD Photo Slideshow is my first choice.  It is easy to use and professional. Also I can use it to burn a slideshow DVD and watch my photographic images on TV.

Preparations to make a slideshow from your photographs

2. Choose quality photographs. To make your slideshow succeed, attractive photographs with high quality is the key factor. Make sure photos are not too bright or dark. The slideshow makers I refer to all have built-in photo editor to help you optimize photos.  Also, please use a variety of photographs. So your audiences will not feel boring. For example, You can include people, Christmas trees, gifts, snow in a Christmas Photographs Slideshow.

3.  Pay attention to music.  Choose music that match your photographs, such as love songs for wedding and Valentines slideshows. If you want to share the slideshow to YouTube and Facebook, you should find some royalty-free music to use, because YouTube and Facebook may block your slideshows with copyrighted  music in some countries, even reject your slideshow.

4. Control your photography slideshow time. A long slideshow may risk losing viewers’ patience and attention. But a too short slideshow is hard to touch people. A best length should be 4-5 minutes. So you’d better control the number of photographs and time of each slide and transition.

5.  Add some captions or texts. You may need to add some text on photos to deliver the special meaning of the photographs. Please keep the text short and precise. For example, a wedding slideshow without any text is really a failure.  On the contrary,  people may be moved to tears with your simple texts.