Wedding slideshow presentations at the reception tips

I’ve heard of a few people doing a video or photo slide show set up on a projector and shown at the wedding or reception. Just wondering if anyone has done a wedding slideshow or been to a wedding with one. Did the guest enjoy it? About how long was it? and when during the night was it shown? Any suggestions?

More and more people like to display a wedding slideshow on wedding reception. Then what are some useful suggestions on a successful wedding photo slide show presentation ? You may get some hints from this wedding slideshow presentation guide. Learn how to make a wedding slideshow

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Tips on wedding photo video making and presenting

1. Choose a software to create wedding slideshows.  For a wedding slideshow software, DVD Photo Slideshow can be a good choice. You can use it to make an attractive wedding slideshow DVD or video with love songs and transitions and a wedding theme.

2.  Choose pictures includes in the slideshow. To a slideshow, pictures play an import role. You may include pics of you both growing up, pictures of you with close friends and family and pictures of you together thoughout your relationship and well as pictures taken during your courtship.

3. Choose songs to use in the slideshow. You may use wedding songs you couple both like or songs that have special meaning to you, like your first dance song. Romantic or sweet songs can transfer your happiness to guests. Songs for Wedding Slideshow recommendation

4.  Pay attention to the duration of each slide and whole slideshow.  The time per slide should be less than 5 seconds. And slideshow should not be so long. Within a few minutes attention, you will start hearing the buzz of conversation as people’s attention spans wear out.

5. Decide when to play the wedding slideshow. It is better to play the slideshow during or after the dinner. At the beginning, people may be too busy chating or doing anything else.

6. Make sure there is a large screen to play your slideshow on. Even you can set up a  laptop on a side table, start the slideshow on a continuous loop, then people can watch as long as they want.