Web Album Maker - Make jQuery web slideshow banner and photo gallery

jQuery web slide shows builder intro:

Web Album Maker is specially designed to create online jQuery web album or web photo gallery. Developed with the cross-browser JavaScript library of jQuery and the latest CSS3, Web Album Maker can easily create a dynamic and professional iQuery slideshow banner or photo gallery for your webpage viewable on IE8, IE9, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, iPad, iPhone, Android, etc. With the software, you can share your photos in your own style with friends and family without having to share on flickr, photobucket or Picasa. It has various stylish theme templates designed for photo gallery, web album, banner slider, 3D slider, photo collage, scrapbook, HTML slideshow and more. Besides, you can add title, URL and descriptions for the images.

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Key features of Web Album Maker

1. Developed with jQuery plug-ins and CSS3

2. Fully viewable within IE8, IE9, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, iPad, iPhone, Android, etc

3. Various theme templates for Web Albums, Banner Slideshows, Photo Galleries, etc.

4. Easy to use: No HTML, Flash, JavaScript or CSS skills required.

5. Real-time preview

How to use Web Album Maker

Add images

After launching Web Album Maker, click "Add Images" to locate photos from your PC and import them. Also you can drag photos to "Images" area directly. Photos in JPEG, TIFF, Bitmap, PNG and GIF formats are supported.

web album creator

Once photos are added, you can "Edit" button to add titles, URL and descriptions for images. Click the Up/Down button to arrange photo order. If you want to remove a photo, click the "Remove" button.

customize photos

Choose jQuery theme

Switch to "Theme" tab to choose a jQuery theme for your web album, online photo gallery or banner slider. There are kinds of theme templates for choosing, such as bottom thumbnail theme, right thumbnail theme, bottom dot theme, slidder, pascal, orman and more. You can customize image size here too.

Then Click the "Preview" button the view the effect of the photo gallery.

choose theme for web photo gallery

Publish a photo gallery

After previewing the software, you can click "Publish" to publish the album gallery. In the output folder, there are photo folder and html file and css file. To use the photo gallery in your web pages, you need to copy all the files in the output folder to the same folder which your website is in, then cody and paste the html file code into your own web page.

publish a web flash photo gallery

Output folder:

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